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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Mess
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This confounding episode of The Following opens with a flashback to Claire's last moments in the hospital. In Ryan's memory, she was a goner, but in reality, as we know, she survived. And as it turns out, Mike was by her side when she woke up.

In this totally unbelievable look back, Claire learns that her son is with her mother and that in order for "this to work" she has to let Ryan think she's dead. "This" is "witness protection," though the writers don't seem to be willing to insert that phrase in there. She begs Mike and his witness protection cohort to let her see Ryan because she knows what her supposed death will do to him. Mike makes the decent point that Joe's followers are still out there and that they will likely come back to finish the job and that Ryan's main priority would be for her to be safe.

Minutes later, Mike visits Ryan and lies to him about Claire dying. Just like that, Ryan's incredible guilt bender begins. There wasn't a better way to do this, Mike?

In present day, Ryan wakes up next to that overzealous reporter Carrie. She wakes up a bit later and finds him just as he leaves his conspiracy secret room. She prepares to leave but says that he can trust her, if he says he wants to talk off the record, they can talk off the record. Suddenly, she's all about being a human over getting the story: she says she wants a scoop, but she also wants to help him. It's amazing what the pent up release of sexual frustration can do to a person, eh?

At Corbin, Joe and Emma are in bed together sharing pillow talk when Mandy comes in and Emma gets upset like a jealous stepmother. Emma is fed up with Mandy's doe-eyed act, but Joe seems to think she's worth keeping around. That's enough talk of another woman -- even a tiny one -- for Emma, so she asks Joe to promise that she won't shut her out. Joe laughs as if he's never abandoned her completely for an entire year, and says that of course he won't because she's his high priestess. Sure. Now she is thanks to Claire being "dead." Mandy overhears all of this and seems to be getting fed up, which is a reaction I didn't know she was capable of.

Back at Claire's crappy hotel hideaway, Mike is explaining the last nine episodes to Claire -- you know all the useless stuff with Lily (which next week's preview tells is coming back against everyone's wishes) and the bumbling Joe Carroll resurrection story. Claire reveals that she has the same goal as Ryan when it comes to Joe: she says that Joey won't be safe until Joe is dead, so naturally she wants to kill him. Get in line, sister.

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