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Elements of Destruction
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Elijah opens with a brief history of witches to let us know there's never been one who's all powerful -- until Davina. He and Klaus wonder why Davina's drawings seem to indicate that Celeste is an imminent force of evil when she's been dead for 200 years.

While they muse on that, Marcel brings her up some sustenance. "Go away!" Davina shrieks, throwing him and her breakfast across the room with a mere gesture. She's not quite ready to forgive him or even look at him after Klaus killed her boyfriend. She waves her hand and hurls a series of objects at him.

"That's going well," Klaus remarks downstairs. "If you're trying to win the girl's trust, perhaps poisoning her one true love was not the most splendid idea," Elijah says. Glasses shatter upstairs. Klaus sighs. "Young, old, dead or alive, witches are a pain in the ass!" Heh.

Suddenly, Davina begins to cough up dirt. Like, garden-fresh actual dirt. Klaus bursts into her bedroom just in time to witness this bizarre turn of events.

Meanwhile, Hayley wants to talk to Elijah about something. Before she can say word one about her little betrayal, though, the earth begins to rumble beneath them. It seems the whole city is shaking in its figurative boots.

Rebekah rushes upstairs to see the teen witch, assuming at first that Davina is acting up. It soon becomes clear that the girl is sick and didn't mean to cause all the ruckus.

The fellas convene to figure out their next step. Klaus is mostly upset that Davina is useless to him this condition, while Marcel seems more concerned about her actual well-being. Elijah decides to consult with Sophie.

Hayley stops him before he leaves the compound. "If you're going to see Sophie, there's something you should know," she says. She blathers some exposition about how she came to help Sophie (family! curses! wolves!) before Elijah finally stops her. She confesses that she went through Elijah's journals to find out where Celeste was buried. "I know it was stupid and snoopy, and I should have just asked you," she says. No, you probably should have just told Sophie to take a hike. Elijah says Celeste wanted never her bodies to be found by the witches, that she didn't want her power going to them. In light of what happens at the end, it seems clear that she had ulterior motives in asking Elijah to bury her. "You not only violated my privacy, you have broken my promise to her," he says. Hayley cries, but she doesn't apologize.

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