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It's Fight Night at the Abattoir! The first rule of Fight Night is that you talk about Fight Night to several hundred people so that they (and we) understand that nightwalker vampires are going to pulverize each other for the privilege of a day ring. Is the whole audience made up of vampires? Because Marcel isn't trying to hide anything from them. Josh watches from the crowd, practically salivating over the thought of that ring. Alas, he's not one of the two vamps chosen to duke it out that night. A petite young woman bests a much beefier opponent, but she has only seconds to enjoy her victory before Klaus pops up to break her neck. The gathering falls silent. "Good evening!" Klaus calls out. "I'd like a word!" Elijah joins him. "It appears we've interrupted a collection of filthy amateurs," he says. He politely threatens to kill everyone unless Marcel returns Hayley. Marcel admits he did go to the plantation that night, but says he left after meeting Hayley. "If you don't believe me, look around," he invites the Mikaelson brothers. "But the question I'd ask is: If she's not here, then where is she?"

Cut to Hayley just waking up in the back of a truck, her wrists bound by zip ties. She kicks out the back window because her captor didn't think to also bind her ankles. Her captor swerves onto the side of the road, parks, and stomps over to the back of the truck to confront her. It's Tyler Lockwood, fresh from his breakup with Caroline Forbes. He glares at Hayley and lets out an indignant "Seriously?!", as if he was trying to escape when you're tied up is just plain uncouth. "You don't wanna fight me," he says. "You know you can't beat a hybrid." He finally ties up her ankles while she berates him for his backstabbing ways. Are we supposed to ignore Hayley's own backstabbing past? Tyler doesn't call her out on it, so I wonder. He carries her, kicking and screaming over his shoulder, off into the darkened woods.

Abattoir. Marcel ever so graciously offers Sabine's witchy help in finding Hayley. "Sabine's the best guide in the Quarter," he says. Except for that time she left a bunch of tourists in the voodoo shop, but whatever. "Can you find her?" Elijah asks. "I can try," she says. There is no try! Only do!

The sun is shining brightly by the time Tyler carries Hayley to their final destination, which looks like a leftover set from Hotshot, Louisiana. Tyler deposits her onto the front porch of a shack overlooking the water. "What is this place?" she asks. "The armpit of Louisiana," he says. He cuts off her zip ties, then chides her for living with Klaus. Apparently, after meeting Marcel at the front door, Hayley decided to go for a stroll in the back yard, where Tyler grabbed her, which is kind of dumb. Tyler says he knows all about the baby. He also knows about Hayley's special birthmark, explaining it means she's part of some important werewolf family. "This is all that's left of them," he says, looking around at the assorted trash and shack bits. Hayley sees one of her kinfolk in the woods – a woman with a scar on her shoulder – but the woman flees at the sight of her. Tyler says they're afraid, after being persecuted for so long by vampires. A tall, handsome fellow walks up to them from the woods. "Is that her?" he asks. "Yeah, Dwayne, get her inside," Tyler says.

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