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Monique, one of the four young witches killed for the Harvest, comes back to life inside her own tomb. Her voice dry and weak, she calls for help.

St. Anne's. The church is having its first service since reopening. Marcel and Klaus sit in the packed pews, some distance away from Cami. "St. Anne's can once again be the heart of our community," Father Kieran says. Marcel catches a glimpse of the redhead flapper witch who rose at the same time as Papa Tunde, but isn't sure of what he's seeing. Bastiana watches from the shadows with a sly smile.

Celeste – formerly known as Sabine – leads a tour group through the cemetery. It's nice that she's still doing her job every day even though she's a super-powerful evil witch. You don't find that kind of work ethic much these days. Monique suddenly spills out of her tomb and lands on the ground in front of the tourists. They seem only very slightly startled by this turn of events. I would have been like Sherman Hemsley meeting Dracula. "Welcome back to the land of the living," Celeste says.

Sophie comes running as soon as she hears the news. "It's a miracle," Celeste says. Sophie hugs her niece, who seems maybe like she's not quite "all there."

After the sermon, Klaus and Marcel approach Kieran. They want him to check with his human resources to find out about Papa Tunde, but he wants to stay out of the whole mess. Cami interrupts to congratulate her uncle and greet Marcel, while pointedly ignoring Klaus. Klaus doesn't have long to lick his wounds before Diego calls with dire news. "Either our witch problems are over, or they're just getting started." It appears that Papa Tunde's corpse has been left in the compound's courtyard, placed within one of those magic symbols. While Marcel and Klaus rush off to investigate, Kieran continues greeting his parishioners as they file out of the church. "Thank you and God be with you," he says absently. He realizes too late that he's shaking hands with Bastiana. She chants something and holds a string of beads to his palm. "Give my regards to your nephew Sean when you see him in hell!" A black cross appears on Kieran's hand.

Elijah joins Marcel and Klaus at the compound. Marcel: "Back in the day, when the witches wanted to send a threat they'd just kill a chicken and leave it on your doorstep." Elijah, looking over Tunde's corpse: "That's a rather large and ominous chicken." Hee! Rebekah shows up to tell them about Monique coming back to life in front of all those tourists. "This is how we're gonna get Davina back," Marcel says. "We kill the witch who took her place." Hayley, waiting for her cue, appears with those sketches of Celeste. "I have a theory about who one of them could be." Good job putting the pieces together, Hayley! You're apparently smarter than your limited facial expressions would suggest.

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