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Sacrificial Vamps
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Celeste -- formerly known as a tour guide named Sabine -- escorts her freshly undead witches through the ancestral cemetery. The one witch who looked like a flapper has updated her wardrobe. "I remember this cemetery," she says. Uh, yeah, you just walked out of it in the last episode. "I've been coming here for over a century, wearing one face or another," Celeste says.

Flashback to a hundred years ago, give or take. The New Orleans witches have gathered in the cemetery to watch some fevered dancing around a bonfire. "Every witch in the Quarter is here to see the great Papa Tunde," the flapper says. A dark-skinned man approaches the festivities with an albino snake draped over his shoulders. Two young men accompany him, each bearing a vaguely triangular symbol on his forehead. Papa Tunde says he practices ancestral magic like the New Orleans witches, but he also practices sacrificial magic. He demonstrates by throwing the poor snake onto the fire. You suck, Papa Tunde! "I use this strength to vanquish my enemies, and I will punish your enemies for their greed." He's referring to the vampires who've taken over the city. All he asks for in return is that the witches accept him and his family into the coven, and make him their leader.

The flashback continues at the compound, where the nattily dressed Klaus and Elijah meet with the heads of a werewolf crime family. Prohibition is looming, and the vampire brothers see an opportunity to make money with the flow of illegal booze. Elijah proposes that the werewolves oversee this trafficking, with the vampires secretly operating as their bosses. Papa Tunde intrudes on the meeting with his two escorts. "This all sounds very good, but how will it benefit the witches?" he asks. "I'm sorry, but this is a private meeting," Elijah says politely. "Yes, for kings of the city," Tunde agrees. "But I, too, am a king, and I Have rules." He says he wants the witches to get their fair share for "allowing" the vampires to exist in the city. For his first power play, he deposits the mayor's head on the table. Suddenly, the Originals find themselves down one political ally/dupe.

In the present day, a handful of vamps gather in the compound's courtyard. It's weird that 90% of the scenes at the compound take place there. It makes the set feel like a theatrical stage rather than an actual building. I mean, it is a stage, but it probably shouldn't be so obvious about it. Anyway, Diego approaches a drunken Marcel. "Klaus ordered us to meet here and now he's a no-show," he says. "What do want from me?" Marcel asks. "It's a new regime; get used to it." Diego looks pained to see his former leader so lackadaisical. Finally, Klaus arrives at the meeting, and he has Thierry in tow. Klaus pats himself on the back for deciding to free Thierry from his confinement in the Garden. Everybody cheers and hugs Thierry. Nobody hugs Klaus, so he wanders over to Marcel.

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