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Showdown at the Cemetery
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We begin with a thunderstorm that took place roughly a thousand years ago, as a young Rebekah shivers with fear in her rough bed. Big brother Klaus comforts her, saying, "Don't be afraid; I won't let it hurt you." I had envisioned Klaus being about eight or ten years older than his little sister, but they look much closer in age than that. They could be twins, except that we know that's not the case. Also: they're freaking adorable. Little Klaus hands Rebekah a small wooden figure. "I carved it for Father. It's a brave knight, and you can be brave, too." He promises to stay with her, no matter what.

Forward to the present day, as Klaus faces down both Rebekah and Elijah in the cemetery. They're all stuck there, thanks to Celeste's boundary spell. Klaus waves around his fancy Plot Device Stake. "Leave him to me," Elijah says, exhorting Rebekah to make herself scarce. When Klaus tries to chase after her, Elijah blocks his path. He shows off Papa Tunde's blade so Klaus knows he's serious. "How long do you think you can defend her?" Klaus asks. "As long as it takes," Elijah says.

Luckily, the boundary spell doesn't affect cellphone reception. Rebekah calls Marcel, who tells her he's working on getting her out. Hours pass, the sun comes up. Is Celeste's (Sabine's) body still lying there outside the gate? Wouldn't tourists and/or mourners notice that? "Davina will find a loophole and get you out," he says. "Then we will all go together."

Marcel has brought Davina back to her old digs in the church attic, and tries to cheer her up with some scented candles. All she can do is stare into space. He tries another tack: "Word on the street is the witches are celebrating... What I hear is that the others are saying the ancestors were with them while they were dead." It was like witch school on the Other Side, with the sacrificed girls learning new powers from their forebears. "Was it like that for you?" he asks. "There was nothing," she says. "It was cold, empty, and dark." She's too traumatized to speak any more about it.

Cemetery. Klaus considers killing Elijah, too, for stabbing him with Tunde's knife. "You should see yourself," Elijah says. "The murderous expression, the self-righteous posturing... you look like Father." Klaus looks like he's going to cry. "I'm not him. Rebekah's betrayal justifies my anger; his was that of a madman." Klaus rails about how he and he alone was on the other end of Mikael's wrath. His siblings can't understand what he went through. "I think you've forgotten what he was truly like," he says. "No, I have not forgotten," Elijah says.

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