The Originals
Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

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Break Those Chains That Bind You
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Elijah and Klaus relax and read books at the plantation. Elijah flips through Esther's grimoire while Klaus finds meaning in William Blake's "A Poison Tree." Rebekah walks in to find that Klaus has put his drink on the coffee table without a coaster. This might not be so bad, but his drink is a young lady who's bleeding from the neck and making a mess. Klaus gave her to Elijah as a peace offering, but Elijah wasn't terribly thirsty even after being daggered for the past few weeks. Perhaps he's still full on Davina's blood droplet. "She's staining a 200-year-old carpet," Rebekah notes. Hee! It's refreshing that these are not angst-y vampires who wring their hands at their fatal appetites. They're far more concerned with the state of their home furnishings than of their souls.

While Klaus reads us poetry, we peek in on what other characters are up to. Marcel stops by the Palace Royale hotel for reasons we'll learn later, and Cami stops by her brother's grave only to discover that it's been vandalized. Father Kieran continues cleaning up at St. Anne's. Hayley pads through the reading room on her way to the kitchen, and boy howdy has her baby bump grown! It's like her pregnancy jumped ahead about four months in a day. Elijah tries to be all casual about leaping out of his chair to follow Hayley, but his interest doesn't escape Klaus's notice.

Elijah lingers in the kitchen doorway as if waiting for an invitation. He gets it in the form of Hayley's radiant smile. Wordlessly, he goes about fixing her a bowl of cereal to replace the cake and ice cream she's chosen for her breakfast. "I do hope my siblings were hospital toward you in my absence," he says. She runs down a list of all the terrible things that have happened to her under Klaus and Rebekah's watch, but then she quiets down long enough to notice how sweet Elijah is being. "They've been fine," she says, not wanting him to feel bad. Elijah thinks it's time they figured out a way to break the link between Hayley and Sophie. Rebekah passes through the kitchen, towing the dead girl behind her like it's no biggie. She's all for severing the link so they can finally leave town. "Who do we have to kill?" she asks. "Probably no one," Elijah says. Then, off Hayley's somewhat incredulous look: "All right, potentially everyone." Hee! Never, ever leave again, Elijah.

Sophie and Sabine are hanging out in the kitchen at Rousseau's, talking about Agnes's crazy witches and the baby prophecy, when poof! several ninjas appear out of nowhere. Sabine is like, "What the hell?" One of the ninjas throws her into a table, while another blows some magic dust in Sophie's face. She makes a scrunchy face and passes out.

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