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Marcel walks into a church that's been cordoned off with police tape while Klaus's VO tells us his theory on good and evil. (It's all relative.) Upstairs is the loft where Davina lives and conducts her witchy experiments on a prone Elijah. So far, they seem to consist mostly of treating him like a pincushion. "What some call 'evil,' I believe to be an appropriate response to a harsh and unfair world," he says, as we transition into his office.

He's been talking to Cami, who is in his doorway looking like she shopped at a polygamist compound's garage sale. Seriously, the denim vest and curtain dress is just… what the hell, Cami? "No offense, but I'm not sure I follow why you've invited me here," she says. "Because I enjoy your company," he says, "and I sense you have the capacity to understand someone of my complexity." Instead of laughing in his face, she listens as he basically recaps the first couple of episodes for her. Do the writers just not trust the weekly intro to catch up new viewers? Because the dialogue is simply replete with exposition. "I don't believe in evil as a diagnosis," she says after listening to his spiel. She says he has a fear of abandonment. He's also a narcissist and a psychopath, but she kindly doesn't mention that. He says he wants to hire her to help him write his memoirs, which seems okay to her until he starts talking about vampires and witches. She freaks out, of course, so he compels her to calm down. It's better than Xanax, baby. The memoirs will have to wait; first he wants to talk about Marcel.

Speaking of that handsome devil, he's surveying Davina's handiwork. "Sucker's resilient," he says over Elijah's body. "He's like a cockroach in a suit." He's there to take Elijah back to his siblings, but Davina isn't through with her science-fair bug project. She changes the subject: "Tonight's the Dauphine Street Music Festival. I wanna go." Marcel points out that there are witches all over Dauphine Street that want to get their hands on her. She continues to plead and he continues to refuse, saying it's for her own good. As he turns to leave, she gives him a reminder of her abilities, heating up his blood just by focusing on it. Sweat beads up on his brow. At first he looks scared, then he laughs and gives in. "You going alone is too dangerous, but I'll introduce you to a friend of mine that's gonna be there." Davina bounces with happiness. Yay, tantrums!

Cami is hard at work at Rousseau's when Klaus walks in. "How is it that when you come up to me now," she whispers, "and no one else is around, I suddenly remember you just told me you're a vampire and you're mind-controlling me?" He smiles -- amused and proud -- as she goes on: "And then you leave, and I go back to thinking you're just some hot guy with a cute accent and money to burn?" His eyebrows go up at the "hot guy" mention. "That's how compulsion works, love," he says. She would like to talk about the science behind it, but he would rather talk about Marcel. She tells Klaus that he's bringing "a girl he's mentoring" to the festival tonight. He wants Cami to talk to the troubled girl. Klaus, realizing this is Davina they're talking about, insists Cami do as Marcel asked.

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