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It's Agnes the witch's turn to keep watch over Hayley at the plantation, and she suggests wolf mama get prenatal checkup. Hayley scoffs because of the total ridiculousness of her situation. Rebekah, who's tapping away at her laptop across the room, feels bitter about not getting to be a mother herself. "I know a doctor out on the bayou," Agnes says. "I took the liberty of making an appointment, after hours. Just us -- vampires will never get word of it." Hayley rolls her eyes, but agrees to go. She and Agnes leave the room so that we can focus on Rebekah and Klaus, who has just stomped in from outside to make fun of his sister's Internet search. She's using aerial surveys to look for any building that has shutters like she remembers from Davina's loft. Klaus would rather scheme than search, and he's started to think that Marcel has lost control of Davina. "If Davina's loyalty to Marcel is strained, perhaps the young witch will be open to discussing a new alliance." Rebekah is utterly unsurprised. "As usual, your power grabs are more important than rescuing your brother." Klaus think he can accomplish both, because he's pretty full of himself.

Joshua, formerly known as Gay Best Friend, wants to see about getting himself a daylight ring. Or at least that's what he tells Diego, one of Marcel's higher-ups, when he finds him in the crummy biker bar the vamps use as their hangout. Diego seems none too pleased about the way Marcel is running things lately and can't wait until the Originals leave town. That's Rebekah's cue to stroll in and promise to make his dreams come true… in exchange for a little gossip. She plays up her heartbreak over Marcel and wants to know if he's seeing anybody besides the blond bartender. If she could just get some closure, she would leave New Orleans and take Klaus with her. All Diego tells her is that if Marcel did have somebody else, she would be in the Quarter. That narrows things down… a tiny, tiny bit.

Marcel walks his vamps around Dauphine Street and lays down the ground rules. He doesn't want any witches and he wants Cami and Davina watched at all times. As day turns to night, he leads Davina into Rousseau's. She's delighted by the music and the crowds, but mostly she's happy to see a particular teenaged boy across the room. Marcel doesn't notice her noticing him.

Hayley is rather unimpressed by the doctor's office. It looks like a shack from the outside, so who can blame her? As soon as Hayley is inside, Agnes calls someone on her sell. "Send them now," she says, "and tell them to do it quickly." She doesn't look especially happy about whatever is supposed to be done.

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