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Girl in New Orleans

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Davina watches her teenaged boy take the stage with his fiddle, while Cami and Marcel have a chat nearby. Under Klaus's compulsion, Cami acts like she wasn't at all freaked out by Marcel's temper at the masquerade last week. Thus reassured, Marcel leaves Davina in Cami's hands. Cami, of course, notices at once that Davina is making eyes at the fiddler. "So, what's his name?" she asks. "Tim," Davina says, blushing. They knew each other as children. "I had to leave school and I didn't get to say goodbye," she says. She looks at young Tim like she would very much enjoy saying hello in private.

Rebekah's search brings her to the church that serves as Davina's basement. A priest, in plainclothes, tells her the church is closed. "You want your horror fix, go take a ghost tour," he says. "I don't much care for ghosts," Beks says. She would rather talk about window shutters. "What's your name?" she asks. "Father Kieran," he says. She forgoes her own introduction and asks about what happened at the church. The walls are streaked with blood. He says the church has been abandoned since the massacre. This was apparently years ago, but the police tape is still up and the blood still looks fresh. Father Kieran has a flashback to a young seminary student killing nine of his fellow students with a sickle before drawing the blade across his own throat. Rebekah's like, yeah, whatever, that's Klaus's subplot. She compels the priest into telling her where the attic is. He should have been a smartass and told her it's at the top of the building, the same as all attics.

Rebekah finds Elijah in Davina's loft, but can't enter on account of being a vampire, and all. Elijah, still in his coffin, opens his eyes. Instantly, Rebekah finds herself in a memory from long ago. She finds Elijah there waiting for her, and runs to embrace him. He's showing her the night they went to the opera in New Orleans. Davina has removed the dagger, unaware that doing so would awaken Elijah. Duh-vina. To Rebekah's surprise, Elijah doesn't want to leave. He wants to work out a truce or something with Davina, and asks Rebekah to look after Hayley in the meantime.

In the gynecology shack, the doctor confirms via ultrasound that the baby's heart is healthy. As Hayley gets up off the exam table, the doc notices an odd birthmark on her shoulder. The only thing wrong, the doc says, is that Hayley's blood pressure is a bit high. While she goes off to get some meds, Hayley and Rebekah exchange texts. Hayley hears something howling outside, and cars driving up to the shack. The doc tries to inject Hayley with something, but Hayley headbutts her and dives out the window. Several burly men chase after her.

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