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Klaus compels Tim, then gives Cami a note to pass along to Davina, supposedly from the boy. "She'll want to leave," he says. "Whatever you do, don't let her out of your sight." I hope Klaus practices good dental hygiene, what with the way he's always whispering right up in people's faces.

So off Davina goes to meet Tim at the church, while Cami hangs back a bit to watch them without being intrusive. The kids giggle and smile and twinkle at each other, and talk about why Davina suddenly had to leave school. She just says there was an emergency, and she can't go back. "I miss you," she says. "I miss seeing you play your violin." He plays a sad song for her. Klaus finds Cami and they talk about the massacre in the church. It was so pointless and brutal, she says. "In your life, have you heard of anything like that?" she asks. "A good man, an aspiring priest, just goes on a killing spree out of nowhere..." Klaus thinks the world is an awful place, but Cami disagrees. People are good until something makes them bad. But she doesn't know what made this seminarian go bad, this young man who also happened to be her twin brother. "I can't sleep," she cries. "I dream about what happened, and I hate that I couldn't help him." She worries that whatever happened to him will happen to her, too. Klaus looks sympathetic, but he has to get back to his plan. He compels Cami to leave.

Father Kieran catches up to Marcel at the festival. Apparently Marcel moved Davina into the church while Kieran was away. He tells Marcel that Rebekah came around snooping. The good priest is taking vervain, but couldn't let on, so he had to tell her what she wanted to know. Marcel and Kieran are about to get into a pissing contest when Josh interrupts to say that Diego has lost track of Davina.

Klaus asks for a word in private with Davina, which he gets by compelling Tim to count to 100,000 in the back of the church. Heh. "Your current dilemma strikes me as a case of poor alliances," Klaus says to the girl. He points out that Marcel is basically keeping her prisoner. "He keeps me safe," Davina says. Klaus promises he could do the same, while also allowing her freedom. Davina looks tempted. Then, for some unknown reason, Klaus switches to threatening mode, even though he was making inroads the other way. He makes noises about something bad happening to Tim. In return, Davina percolates Klaus's blood. He zips over to Tim and grabs him. "Such a shame to lose him -- just as you've found him again," he says. Davina breaks Klaus's legs with a flick of her wrist, but he heals almost instantly. "Your choice, little witch! Swear allegiance to me and the boy lives!" The candles behind Davina burst into flames. An eerie wind blows through the church. Davina screams and shatters all the windows, showering both Klaus and her young crush with shards of glass.

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