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Hayley runs from her mysterious attackers through the woods. The men carry knives, machetes, a crossbow… Hayley still manages to take out three of them, screaming like a wild mama animal. Which, I suppose, she is. It's actually the best part of the episode. Her eyes glow wolf-yellow as more men advance on her. Suddenly, Rebekah is there, snapping their necks. "Who were they?" she asks. "Witches, warlocks… whatever," Hayley says. Whoever they are, a lot more are on the way. Rebekah takes two arrows in the heart; Hayley gets one, as well. They drop to the ground.

Marcel finds Cami at the festival and learns Davina went to the church. Despite having super vampire speed, it will take him a ridiculously long time to get there.

When Rebekah comes to, she finds all the unknown attackers lying dead nearby. Some of them look like they've been… munched on. Hayley is nowhere to be seen. She calls Klaus to tell him the bad news. He says he's on his way, but keeps working his scheme for a little while longer.

This means throwing Tim off the gallery and into the aisle below, saying he's run out of time to play nice. I suppose by Klaus's standards, all that stuff leading up to this was nice. Davina rushes over to him and holds his head in her lap. It was only about a 12-foot drop, but he apparently landed pretty hard. He's still breathing, but just barely. Klaus offers to heal him. "All you have to do is ask," he says. Davina cries and thinks, and cries some more. "Please," she finally says. Klaus feeds Tim a smidge of his blood, then takes the young boy's chin in his hand. "You will forget everything that happened after the concert, including the fact that you saw Davina." He zips out of there just in time to avoid running into Marcel, who is only now just walking into the church. Did he take the scenic route? Through the North Pole? "What are you doing here?" he asks Davina. "I live here," she says, full of resentment.

At the gyno shack, Klaus and Rebekah wonder who took Hayley and killed her attackers. Wolves howl in the distance. Brother and sister set off in the direction of the howling, only to find Hayley walking out of the woods toward them. Her clothes are tattered and dirty. "What happened?" Klaus asks. "I can't remember," she says. To Klaus's surprise, Hayley has completely healed from her injuries -- faster and more completely than a werewolf normally would. Rebekah figures the hybrid baby's blood healed her from within. "How did you escape?" Rebekah asks. "I think it was the wolf," Hayley says. "I think it's trying to protect me." Klaus vows to slaughter all the witches, starting with Agnes. But, hey, the good news is that Rebekah found Elijah, even if he isn't ready to come home. "All he asks is that we take care of you," she tells Hayley. Hayley lights up at this; Klaus pouts. He manages to put his bitter feelings aside when Hayley falters, though, and scoops her up in his arms to carry her home.

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