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Biker bar. Diego gives Marcel some lip about the evening's failures, so Marcel snaps his neck. Marcel turns to Josh. "When he wakes up, tell him an apology would have gotten him a lot further than his attitude." Rebekah shows up to gloat a little bit, and to remind Marcel that she wants Elijah back. What happened to letting Elijah come home on his own time? They flirt a little bit, and although Marcel insists it's Cami he wants, he looks like he's maybe still hung up on Rebekah.

Klaus shows up outside Cami's bedroom window, asking to be invited in. "I recall you mentioned something about nightmares and insomnia," he says. "I believe I can help." She lets him in, then remembers everything they talked about at the church. She realizes that her brother may have been dealing with something supernatural, and not psychological. In turn, Klaus realizes that Cami will spend all her time searching for answers unless she forgets. "If I allow you to remember, the knowledge will eat away at you," he says. He says this will put her in danger. "You don't care about me," she says. He just wants her devoted to his plans. She cries and pleads with him, furious and terrified, but he grabs her face and holds her fast. He makes her think her brother was simply ill. "All you can do is move on," he says. Tears roll down his cheeks, but it doesn't make this any less horrible. He sits Cami down on the edge of her bed and kneels before her to promise that he'll find out what happened to her brother. "As for you," he whispers, "tonight you will sleep and dream of a world far better than this one..."

Everybody is sad tonight, including Davina, who has returned to her loft to contemplate her strange and lonely life. She hears the hinges on Elijah's coffin creak, and turns to find him standing there, still gray from his temporary death. "It's all right, Davina," he says. "I don't mean you any harm, though I do think it's time we had a talk." They make intense faces until the ending title card swallow them up. Hopefully, their talk will be a little less expository than most of the other chats we've seen thus far.

Tippi Blevins was compelled by a sullen vampire to write this weecap. You can find her at, or on Twitter: @TippiB.

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