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Klaus catches us up on last week's happenings saying, among other things, that his future baby is part-werewolf and part-vampire. But that's not really true, is it? They made a big deal about vampires not being able to procreate, so isn't it just Klaus's werewolf DNA being passed on? Because if that spawn really is part vampire, and vampires don't age, then wouldn't it just stay a blasto-cyst forever? The answer is: I'm thinking about this too much. Let's get on with the episode.

Now it's Marcel's voice-over telling us about how much people like to party in New Orleans. "Some are looking for something a little darker," he says. A young blond woman and her tall, dark-haired companion gape in awe at the city. Remember them for later. "We invite them into my home, and we give it to them," Marcel says. Who is he talking to? Maybe he's narrating an ad for the tourist bureau. One of his vamp henchman hands the tourists for Marcel's party pad, aptly (and grossly) called The Abattoir. "Where the party never ends," it says in a cheerful font. "Then, at the stroke of midnight, everything changes," Marcel says. The tourists get their hands stamped with an "M" at the entrance, and then vampires get to snacking.

Ah, maybe Marcel was talking to Klaus, who watches with him from the balcony as the party gets bloody. "It's how he keeps his night-walkers happy," he says, while they work to earn a daylight ring. Klaus notices the "M" monogram on the walls, as well. The vamps then heal the unwitting tourists with a little blood, wipe their memories and send them on their way. They should also give them a cookie and some orange juice, but whatever. Thierry, who's always dressed like an extra from Newsies, comes to tell Marcel that six of their vamps were killed outside the Quarter. Who could have done such a thing?

We see Rebekah speeding towards town in her snazzy little convertible, wiping a bit of blood off her perfect face. Her hair is a bit frizzy, which just makes me like her more, because not even the most powerful lady vamp in the world can escape the effects of that good, old New Orleans humidity. As she arrives at Maison des Originaux, she leaves the latest of a string of worried voice mails for Elijah. Hayley greets her at the door with an iron poker. After first mistaking her as the maid, she realizes that Hayley is the "werewolf girl that Klaus knocked up," which I think she should get made into calling cards ASAP. Rebekah asks for Elijah, but Hayley says he bailed after promising to protect her. "Guess that's what I get for trusting a vampire," she says. "Elijah is not just any vampire," Rebekah says. "He doesn't break promises." She realizes this means Klaus has done something to him.

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