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Take Me Back to New Orleans
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We begin in 1919, in the jazz club that the locals like to visit to drink elicit booze and mingle with the supernatural elite. Elijah and Klaus drink with a woman we haven't met before. She raises her glass for a toast: "To your docks, their booze, and our theaters to hide it under!" Klaus flirts with her, saying, "I shall have to think of a way to thank you personally, in a manner befitting a werewolf queen." Werewolves have queens? Or is he just talking fancy? The Mikaelson brothers are aglow about all their hard work – especially Klaus's – finally paying off. Somehow, Klaus seems to have lost the ability to unify the masses sometime in the last 95 years.

In the present day, Cami arrives at the compound at Elijah's request. Her uncle is off somewhere losing his mind, but Elijah needs her help on a more pressing (to him) matter. He explains that he stabbed Klaus with Papa Tunde's knife. While she watches in horror, Elijah cuts into Klaus's abdomen and pulls out the knife. "Why am I here?" she asks. "Because of the people that could be here, you're probably the only one he wouldn't immediately slaughter," Elijah says. That's... reassuring. Klaus is mostly unconscious through this, but writhes and groans in agony. Elijah asks her to feed him – but slowly – and with bits of her own vervain-laced blood so that he doesn't drink too greedily. "Perhaps you could use the time to persuade him not to murder his baby sister," Elijah suggests. With that, Elijah sets off to find Celeste, even though he calls her by her host body's name.

Eve's Bayou. Celeste wakes up tied to a tree with both Eve and Hayley aiming shotguns at her. Several wolves stand guard around the clearing. They don't plan to kill her, seeing as how she'll just jump into a new body, but they'll make things painful if she tries any witchy business. They want her to undo the curse she put on Hay-Hay's family back when she inhabited Brynne Deveraux.

Compound. Cami rolls up her sleeve and holds her wrist out to Klaus. "Things I never thought I'd be doing: feeding a vampire! My 16-year-old self would think I'm really cool right now." He takes a drink, barely reacting to the sting of the vervain. They eventually get around to discussing Rebekah. "She's your sister; how can you hate her?" Cami asks. He says, "Because she has done to me what no one else has managed to do for a thousand years: rip my heart out."

This brings us back to 1919 at the jazz club. Klaus makes note of Rebekah and Marcel pretending not to be a couple. He stands up to make a toast. Elijah is sure that he's going to do something to shame their sister. "I'd like to take this opportunity to draw attention to two people who have been sneaking around my back together! As we move into a new era, we require a more progressive attitude to match. So, to my loving sister, and my right-hand man and best friend Marcel: may they find joy in each other." Rebekah looks terrified, waiting for the punch line and/or dagger to the heart. But then Klaus pulls her aside for a private chat, saying he's only been protecting her all those times he killed her lovers. He didn't want her heart to get broken. He seems sincere in telling her he only wants her to be happy. Frankly, I wondered if he was painting himself as a good guy for Cami, but the POV shifts in the flashbacks would seem to indicate the narrator is an omniscient -- and therefore objective -- one.

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