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Long Way Back From Hell

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Revenge is a Dish Best Served in a Flashback
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Rebekah wakes up covered in incredibly nasty werewolf bites. When she opens her eyes, she finds herself lying on one of a dozen or so hospital beds in a dilapidated building. Her vision is hazy, and her perception jerks back and forth from the present to the past. She remembers blood-soaked floors, sick men coughing up red sputum. She runs outside, past a sign that helpfully identifies the place as the Fleur-de-Lis Sanatorium. "How the hell did I get here?" she wonders. Genevieve stakes her from behind. "Tell me you're not leaving already," Genevieve says. "I thought we might reminisce!"

Celeste watches from them for a moment from inside, then turns to Klaus. He's also confined to a hospital bed, but is bound at the wrists and ankles. His bare torso shows a veiny red wound where Papa Tunde's knife made its way inside his flesh. The restraints are probably not really necessary; he can barely twitch.

Lafayette Cemetery. The witches are consecrating Sophie's body when Elijah stylishly interrupts them. He just sort of flings a few witches aside with the barest nudges of his elbows, then straightens up his French cuffs like it's no big. He demands the witches tell him where they're holding his siblings. No threats are necessary, because Celeste actually wants him to look for them. Monique waves her hand at him, and a tattoo suddenly appears above his collar bone. Others appear on his forearm. They all appear to be women's names. "To find what you're looking for, follow the path she left behind," Monique tells him. Also, it's kind of funny that the witches walked away from Sophie's body in the last episode, because then they were probably like, "Oops, wait, we need to go back for that!"

Sanatorium. Genevieve mixes up a potion, the final ingredient of which is a bit of Rebekah's blood. "If I weren't so sick, I'd rip your bloody head off," Rebekah moans. "But you are sick," Genevieve says, adding, "and comforting the sick always was a talent of mine!" Genevieve reminds her that they used to be friends, which leads Rebekah into flashbacks of...

...the sanatorium in 1919. Rebekah is working there as the most adorable nurse ever, being quite gentle with an influenza patient who's doing his best to cough up his lungs. She calls another nurse over to bring some water for the man. It's Genevieve, and the water she provides miraculously calms her patient's hacking. "Just like magic," Rebekah notes. "But then again, what would you expect from a practicing witch?" Nobody ever seems to overhear these chats about the supernatural. "It's a simple herbal remedy," Genevieve insists. She says it won't cure the man, but it will ease his soothe his coughing for a while. They introduce themselves to each other, although Genevieve already knows of the famous Rebekah. Rebekah says something about wanting to help the people of her city, which Gen seems to buy. She also buys that Rebekah wants to be friends, and seems quite giddy about the prospect. Rebekah invites her to a jazz club, but another nurse casts a disapproving look Gen's way. "You should come, too," Rebekah says to the other nurse, ensuring that Gen can have no reason to decline.

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