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Monster Mash
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Time passes as Klaus narrates to us about wounds and the scars they leave behind. Since Rebekah left town, Klaus has again picked up his canvas and paints. Hayley bides her time while she waits for the next full moon. Kieran continues to lose his mind while Cami tries to soothe his symptoms with prescription meds. Marcel stands around on a veranda without his shirt because his torso is fine. Klaus goes on to say that these wounds can make one act out in frustration and aggression. This is said over a scene of him making out with Genevieve, and then of Diego tearing out a policeman's throat with his fangs. "And all the while, we plot and plan as we wait to grow stronger. Before we know it, time passes... and we are healed, ready to begin anew." Finally, it's the full moon again, and the reverse-wolves down Celeste's ooze, thus breaking their 20-year curse.

Apparently he's been saying all of this – or some of it, anyway – to Genevieve, in lieu of pillow talk after a nookie session. "Spoken like a man who's made peace with his demons," she says while he dresses. "My demons are dead, or chased off," he says. "Apart from the one lingering monster with whom you share a bed," Elijah says, walking into their love nest. Was he just hanging around outside, listening for a good opportunity to make a quip? Elijah sends Genevieve away, while pointing out to his brother that she's kind of the enemy. He's also annoyed that Klaus has been lolling about for the last month instead of taking over Marcel's spot as king of the city. "You wanted this throne; now you must accept the responsibilities that come with that." But Klaus just goes back to his painting.

So Elijah steps in, and calls a meeting at St. Anne's. Genevieve attends, along with Diego, Kieran and a handful of heretofore unknown players. Nobody seems very happy to be there, so Elijah spells it out for them" "You have one very simple choice ahead of you here. You can all play nicely together, or you can leave."

Davina, Monique and another young witch practice spells in a greenhouse full of dead flowers. Monique and the other girl each bring a rose back to life, but Davina just stares at her withered rose. Monique suggests Davina doesn't deserve to be one of them.

Bayou. The freshly un-cursed wolves celebrate their new human forms by beating the snot out of each other. Hayley and Jackson watch as two men tussle. "Shouldn't you be out there playing Fight Club with the rest of the frat boys?" she asks. "Naw, that's just for pecking order," he says. "They already know who's the alpha." If they're really trying to establish hierarchy, it seems like there should be more humping. That's how it's done at the dog park, anyway. Oliver doesn't seem too happy when he notices how chummy Hayley and Jackson are being.

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