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Reigning Pain in New Orleans

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Klaus has decided to throw a nice party for Marcel and the rest of his vanquished foes, complete with candles and champagne and wait staff that donates their blood. It's sad that Klaus has moved out of the plantation, because that was a better set. The compound is more obviously a creation on a sound stage somewhere. While Klaus raises a toast to immortality, a demoralized Marcel sits at his side, remembering something that Rebekah told him soon after his defeat. "You can't afford your wounded pride," she said. She asked him to promise that he would do whatever it took to stay alive. In the present, all of Marcel's previous cockiness is gone. He forces a smile and joins Klaus's toast. Diego stews in his hatred for Klaus, but raises his glass, as well.

"I understand that some of you may have questions regarding the recent change in leadership," Klaus says. He assures them that they're still a community, thanks to Marcel. Diego points to Hayley, sitting at the other end of the long table. "What about her?" he asks. Klaus bristles at being questioned, but coolly explains that Hayley is under his protection. The other wolves in New Orleans, though? Not so much. To show his new subjects that their king doesn't intend to make hybrids, he permits them all to go on a wolf hunt. "Go ahead! Have fun! Kill them all." Hayley's face goes, "Oh, shit."

Over at the plantation, movers are taking away Rebekah's prized possessions so they can't be brought to Klaus's new digs. She knows her brother is punishing them. "We believed the worst about him, the one time in a million when it wasn't actually true." Elijah puts on his snazziest pea coat and heads over to the compound to make sure Hayley isn't being punished, too.

Meanwhile, Klaus has resumed dictating his memoirs to Cami. "Everybody is mean to me, blah blah blah, so on and so forth." Marcel walks into his office, surprised to see this development. Cami reveals she knows that they're both vampires and that Klaus has been compelling her to forget it every time she leaves. "That way, I'm too busy agonizing whether or not I'm losing my damn mind to realize I'm playing spy for an immortal egomaniac!" That's when Marcel realizes that Klaus has been using Cami against him. Cami shows him the newspaper printout from 1919, saying the real her managed to find it, while away from Klaus's influence. "You never found this," he says to her. "You will remember nothing of our lives as vampires when you leave here. Do you understand?" She blankly nods and heads out in a daze.

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