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The Power of Exposition
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Elijah still looks a bit gray when we pick up where last week's episode left off. "You're the one they call honorable," Davina notes. "Yes, that's what they call me," he says, eyeballing her neck with apparent hunger. He focuses on the matter at hand, which is his desire to end the feud between the vampires and witches. He wants Davina to help him. "Why should I trust you?" she asks. "Well, for one thing," he begins, "in spite of a ravenous hunger I have not tried to take your blood." "He doesn't feed on children", he says. Davina pricks her finger with a hatpin, and then waves the pin under his nose like a sommelier offering an oenophile the first sniff of a cork. Elijah hesitates, but takes hold of her hand and touches the pin to his lips. He gasps. Just that tiny bit of blood restores his healthy pallor. It's... kind of inappropriately hot.

Klaus snatches Sophie Deveraux from Rousseau's and zips her back to the plantation. He accuses her of letting Hayley come to harm. She swears she had nothing to do with the attack. She reminds him that they're linked. "If she dies, I die!" She explains that Sabine's vision of Hayley's baby got some of the more extreme witches all het up. This is the first that Klaus is hearing of the vision, so Sophie says that Sabine feared the baby would bring death to the witches. "I grow fonder of this child by the second," Klaus says with snark. Heh. Rebekah joins them for a sit-down in the parlor, and tells them that Elijah is trying to work something out with Davina. Sophie imagines Davina isn't too pleased with the witches. Sophie herself wasn't much for the witches, either, until recently.

Flashback to eight months ago as Sophie explains about her strict, witchy parents, and how she fled her upbringing. She did a lot of partying and traveling. Then she came back to the Quarter to become a chef. One night, her sister Jane-Anne came into Rousseau's to tell her something: "The Elders called a vote; they're moving ahead with the Harvest." Sophie was horrified.

"What the bloody hell is the Harvest?" Rebekah asks. Sophie explains it's a ritual performed every 300 years. "We appease our ancestors, they keep our ancestral power flowing." Nobody's heard of it before now because people treated it like a myth.

Back to the land of flashbacks, as Sophie interrupts the beginning of the ritual, which has one of the elder witches pricking the palms of teenaged witches and reciting things about sacrifice. "What are you doing?" Sophie asks. "Saving the community you renounced," elder witch says. Sophie is especially disturbed that a girl named Monique is taking part in the ritual. Sophie stomps off to have words with Monique's mom. One of the girls taking part is Davina, who looks a bit concerned at Sophie's ranting.

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