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The Long Con
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Hayley reads through one of Elijah's diaries. She's lucky that it was written in totally modern English even though it's 700 years old. Elijah was worried that his siblings were starting to like their bloodthirsty nature a bit too much. He was especially concerned about crazy, cruel Klaus, and wonders if he'll be able to keep his family together. In the present, Klaus has stacked up all the recently dead vampires from Marcel's gang and lights them on fire, right on his front lawn. Not only is that sort of a showy place (and way) to secretly dispose of corpses, but it is absolutely going to ruin that patch of lawn. Also, is this supposed to be a display of Klaus's cruelty? Because those guys kind of had it coming. Rebekah is miffed that Klaus started the fire without her. They go back and forth about the reason those vamps are currently roasting like campfire marshmallows, and then the reason for that -- Hayley -- walks up to them and wants to know if they've got a plan. Maybe make s'mores?

She clarifies that she wants to know how they're going to find Elijah. Klaus launches into some to explain his history and his relationship with Marcel, and how Elijah is now in the clutches of a powerful little witch. All this to get to his answer, which is simply that he's going to ask Marcel. Hayley is a bit taken aback by this, but Klaus assures her that that's only plan A. "What's plan B?" Hayley asks. "War," Klaus says, then grins and clasps his fingers like Mr. Burns.

At Marcel's house, formerly known as the Mikaelsons' house, the current man of the house is getting himself fitted for a brand-new suit. "Damn, do I look good in a suit," he modestly observes. Thierry, dressed as ever in one of his Newsie outfits, chuckles because it's totally true. They've got the TV turned to the local news, which is abuzz with news of those two "missing" tourists. "My guy at the dock is gonna come forward and saw he saw those two fall into the Mississippi," Newsie says. "That's good," Marcel says, "because one of them is dead in the dumpster behind the county morgue and the other one is a vampire!" Clunky. Newsie mentions that their nightwalkers keep getting killed lately, and Marcel wonders if the werewolves are back in town. Newsie is more suspicious of the Originals who've just moved back into town, which is Klaus's cue to walk into the room and lay down some awkward.

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