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Sisters Mostly Doing it For Themselves
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Returning from the winter hiatus, we drop in on some dusty midnight road somewhere in the Louisiana Territory in 1751. Rebekah narrates the history of the Casket Girls, so called because the young maidens from France came looking for husbands with what they could carry in a small crate, or casket. Three girls on this night have been tricked by the man who brought them to New Orleans, for he has delivered them to a band of rowdy bandits and not to the gentlemen which they'd been promised. Luckily, Rebekah is there to kill the would-be rapists, as well as their supplier. "All the bad men have gone away," Rebekah tells them. "Us girls have got to stick together." The girls take everything but their wedding dresses, and follow their savior into the night.

In the modern day, the Casket Girls are celebrated with a raucous street fair, with women wearing creatively interpreted wedding gowns. "It's a yearly reminder of how women can be oppressed by selfish men," Rebekah goes on, "and how they can triumph when brave enough to fight for themselves."

Cami, in her apartment, is still trying to fight off Klaus's compulsion. To this end, teen witch Davina uses her powers to undo the vampire magic in Cami's mind. "Oh, God, it hurts!" Cami screams. Joshua, watching from across the room, winces in sympathy. Davina offers to stop, but Cami presses her to go on. It's the only way she can be free.

At Klaus's Kompound and Halfway House for Pregnant Werewolves, Hayley tries on a wedding dress and admires the results in a mirror. She can't quite get the zipper all the way up. Luckily, Elijah walks in with an offer of help. For some reason, he's dressed like Fonzie. Maybe it's for the street fair. Maybe his wardrobe change is a signal of bad things to come. He offers to take her out on the town, but Hayley declines because they have separate plotlines tonight. Also, she knows it will just piss off Klaus. Double also: Elijah needs to stop giving the girl mixed signals!

Rebekah is browsing through wedding gowns on the street when Marcel approaches her. He's giving her mixed signals, too, but she's not having it. "You made your choice," she says, reminding him that he chose Klaus over their relationship. Marcel wants to protest, but Klaus calls with impeccable timing to tell him Davina has left the Kompound.

Cami's brainwashing washing continues apace. Josh hands her a stack of her vampire research, accidentally burning himself in a spotlight of sunlight. Davina promises to make him a daylight ring as soon as she can. Cami looks over her notes as the memories come flooding back. "Klaus compelled me to go out with Marcel, to spy on him," she says. "That's what he said yesterday, before he told me to forget!" Davina takes Cami's face in her hands and strips back further into her memory. Flashes come back to her. She remembers Klaus telling her that her brother was ill, and telling her to leave town. Blood trickles from her nostrils.

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