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The King of Nothing
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"I should never have come back here," Rebekah says in voiceover. "This is the town where I fell in love, and where love failed us." If Rebekah avoided every city where she fell in love, she'd not have many places to go. "I assume you know who I'm talking about." She's talking to Father Kieran in the confessional at St. Anne's. She says she needs absolution for conspiring against her brother. God's like, "Eh, it's Klaus. Conspiring against him doesn't even merit a Hail Mary." A wonderfully bluesy, jangly guitar plays us into the opening title card.

We travel back in time 24 hours to breakfast at the plantation. The table is beautifully set with fine china and orchids. The meal consists of boiled eggs in little domed cups, plates of fruit, and, for Klaus, fresh-squeezed blood from an anonymous young woman. Did she also make the meal? Because what a crummy job to have, right? Rebekah and Klaus glare at each other over the repast. Klaus guesses his sister is mad at him for poisoning their brother with his hybrid chompers. "Out with it," he prompts her. "Perhaps I'm concerned," she says, "that if I voice my opinion, I will end up on the wrong side of your toxic hybrid teeth." Klaus slaps the table and curses, "Poppycock!" (Hee! Poppycock). He says he prefers to use the dagger on Rebekah anyway.

Out in that swamp shack in what Tyler referred to as "the armpit of Louisiana," Elijah is suffering the pains of a very photogenic fever. When he coughs, Hayley is immediately at his side. He pleads with her to leave him before the hallucinations set in. She refuses, of course, because it's Elijah. A woman watches the shack from the woods outside. She has a scar on her shoulder that looks for all the world like a bad case of ringworm.

In the French Quarter, Marcel meets with his henchvamps and Tyler Lockwood. Marcel says they're going to want to hear what the kid says about Klaus. "For those of you faint of heart, there's the door," he says. "Because those who stick around, you're signing up for battle." Nobody leaves, so they all head to the hangout room to let Tyler talk in private. "You all know that Klaus is the hybrid," he says. What they didn't know until now, thanks to Tyler, is that Klaus was able to pass on his genes and father a baby. Tyler explains his history with Klaus, and how he broke free of his slavish devotion, then taught other hybrids to do the same. "Klaus killed them for their betrayal," he says. "'Cause that is what Klaus does," Rebekah says as she waltzes into the room, having been waiting outside for a good cue. She tells the henchvamps that Klaus plans to use the baby to sire more hybrids. Vampires will become extinct. Marcel tells everyone that Rebekah is there to help them take down Klaus. The first thing she does is snap Tyler's neck. Now that he's out of the way, they'll focus on getting rid of Klaus and leave the baby alone.

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