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And baby makes two?

The Hospital Of Mistaken Identities That Cause People Pain. A nurse takes Rebecca's pulse. She shakes her head, and then wakes up. The nurse quips, "Well! Hello there!" Rebecca wants to know what happened; she's completely disoriented. The nurse grins like one of those pillows with Cheshire Cats sewn into them: "What happened? You have to ask what happened? You had a baby!" Huh? "You had a little baby girl!" What are you talking about? "Maybe you'd better lie back down!" No, you lie down. Rebecca insists she didn't have a baby: "I was blown up that's what I was!" Another nurse joins them. They are befuddled. One cracks some joke about feeling like a bomb hit her, the first baby she had. Rebecca asks for the nurses to call Bobby Donnell. One nurse says she knows Bobby because he had a baby too. The non-birthing one thinks she's in a rubber room. Then, the nurse says, "Roberta. You need to calm down." Hah! "My name is not Roberta. It's Rebecca. I was never pregnant. I didn't have a baby. I never had a baby. I don't want a baby. Can you get that through your baby-happy heads?" Heh. Then, finally, one of the nurses clues in: this is the missing patient! Finally, order is restored.

Helen's Den of Iniquity. She is questioning Michelle Tritter about seeing Amanda raped. Helen smells alcohol on her breath. She's had a few drinks. And she was drinking when she saw the incident. Helen wants to make sure Michelle doesn't get all hosed before the probable cause hearing. Michelle agrees, and not even reluctantly.

The Hospital Of Newly Awakened Pain. Helaine rushes down the hallway and into Rebecca's room. There is a joy. There is relief. There is sunshine. There is rain. The poor woman is still totally disoriented. The doctor looks into her eyes. Rebecca looks over to her mother: "I don't know what happened. I remember some of the explosion and then these whackos keep telling me everyone's having babies." Emperor Rod says quietly, and quite out of character for him: "Lindsay and I did have a baby. A little boy. Robert Gordon Donnell." Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh! The baby is a Mini-Him! I'll bet Bobby's already got his college fund established and has made a donation to his law school in the kid's honour. Rebecca is pleased: "You had a baby?" Rod nods. Rebecca turns to her mother: "Did I?" Is she supposed to be disoriented and confused, because for someone who was so sure she didn't have a baby, that line is really strange.

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