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The Newly Restored And Renovated Firm of Pain. Jimmy is staring intently at his screen. Ellenor wants to know how he's doing. The Lump assures her he'll be ready. She asks if she's being selfish. He categorically states that she's not. "Thank you." He insists he'll be ready and that they "ain't losing this." She gets misty. He gives her a hug. I get misty. Then I hug my cat as we go to commercials.

The Courthouse. Michelle is on the stand. She recounts her version of the crime at the probable cause hearing. Are you sure? Positive. Helen thanks her and sits down. The defense has no questions. The judge allows her to step down, finds probable cause, and sets a trial date. Wow. That was easy. Michelle says, "Ms. Gamble?" Helen walks closer. "Can I talk to you?" Sure. If you're not afraid of your head freezing while you're still alive; I know I wouldn't take my chances.

The Hallway Which Is Perhaps Free Of Pain. Helen crosses her arms as Michelle wonders if the sixteen beers she has in a day will have to come up at trial. Um. Yeah. It will, definitely. Helen explains that the defendant's lawyer will try to discredit her with the drinking. Michelle worries about her reputation. She's just met a guy. And she's trying to get a job. If she comes across as an alcoholic, none of that will happen the way she wants. The DA is nonplused. She doesn't scream "you selfish witch" or "clean up your act then" or any of the things a good lawyer on Law & Order would yell. "What about the girl?" Michelle wants her to testify. Too bad, the DA really needs her. Michelle nods her head and says "okay." Whatever that means.

The Courthouse Of Non-Tom And Non-Nicole. Ms. Garrett makes her closing. She thinks denying Michael Hale his parenting rights is just plain mean. Jimmy sees it quite differently. I'll tell you, Jimmy's no Eugene -- hell, he's not even the Emperor -- but he does a good job; he's got a pretty good case with the fact that Michael signed the contract on his side. Ms. Garrett trumpets the stats again, but her closing doesn't really go anywhere. Advantage: Lump. Despite the fact that Ellenor gets emotional and tries to jump up and close the case her own damn self. Still, I hate the closings. Really, really hate the closings, even if they do have a freaking contract.

The final commercials.

Memorial Medical Centre of Pain. Amanda wants it all to be over. McGowan is there. The little girl honestly doesn't want to testify. Why can't Helen just ask that the court tape her testimony and spare her from having to appear in front of a jury? Lucy "The Expertise" Hatcher assures the pair that there's no need to talk about "it" right now. Helen walks in and nonchalantly says, "Hey. How's it going?" Okay, a little decorum would be polite on Helen's part, because the little girl was just raped. He asks her father to step outside. She explains how their case is extremely thin: "It doesn't look good." Mr. McGowan says, "He lives in our building." The Coda of Creepy Creeps backs him up: "You can't lose this bastard. He lives in our building." It'll be tough. He repeats the bit about the creepy creep living in their building. This sets Helen's resolve -- don't you worry, Mr. McGowan, the Ice Queen will have no trouble getting the guy.

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