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And baby makes two?

The Courthouse Of Non-Meg And Non-Dennis. All rise. All be seated. Stand up. Sit down. Fight! Fight! Fight. The judge explains how he's never had a case like this where he's had to weigh contract law up against the best interests of the child. It's a tough one to think through. He starts off sounding like he's going to rule to give Michael at least partial custody. Ellenor starts to cry. He doesn't know whether or not her daughter would be better served with Michael's involvement. So, in the meantime, he lets the contract "tip the scale," finds the agreement valid, terminates Michael's paternal rights, and refuses to grant Hale's request to have his name on the baby's birth certificate. Both Ellenor and Jimmy let out deep sighs of relief as Michael sits on the other side of the courtroom looking very sad and upset. It won't be easy for anyone.

Next time on The Practice: Ellenor has complications with her pregnancy and is treated by Dr. Gideon.

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