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Bay Of Pigs

Kittleson's chambers. Jimmy drops by to dump the judge. He finds it difficult. "I like a lot of things about our relationship. But there's some stuff I find wanting." Roberta puts her glasses on the table and looks at him: "You find wanting? What do you find wanting, Jimmy?" He wants to have a family. And that he's kidding himself thinking that they could go that way. He's probably right. "Have you come in here to end our relationship?" Yes: "I'm thirty-seven. I've got to take stock of where I'm headed. Take control of my life's direction. Where I'm going." She's obviously upset: "You think you know yourself? You don't know yourself. I know you, Jimmy. And trust me when I tell you -- you'll be coming back. It might take months, maybe three, but you'll be back. Do you want to know why?" No, he stammers; okay, yeah, he does. Roberta continues her ridiculous psychoanalytical lady-getting-dumped-has-to-dump-on-the-dumpee speech. We've all been there. Okay, well, I know I've been there. "Because of your mother and your father [insert ragdoll screaming for her life here] you were raised a strict Catholic. You grew up repressed. And what you're looking for in a woman more than anything else is a woman who liberates you sexually." Insert The Music of Jimmy's Pounding Libido here. "A woman who makes you feel sexual. Do you really think that you can be with just anybody what you are with me? Best sex you'll ever had, you'll ever have, you'll get it right here. Nothing will even come close. And whether you want to admit that to yourself or not -- it's important to you." They stare each other down awhile until a court officer knocks to let Roberta know that the jury's back.

Kittleson's courtroom. We see Helen entering just as the verdict is about to be read. The Judge asks the defendant to rise, blah blah what say you, blah blah. Well, isn't that something. They found Louise Morgan not guilty. She squeals and thanks Ellenor and walks over to The Runt and says: "You know, I'm still having trouble with my garage door. Maybe you can be there tonight as I try to get it open." Ellenor drags her away, and does no one, not even the clients, ever take the high road in this show? Richard's left with his head in his hand. Helen starts to console him: "It's stacked against us sometimes: little old ladies, forget it." Richard won't let it go; he's after every member of the jury, going to impound their cars. Still, Helen must find this insatiable anger thrilling, even scintillating, because she asks The Runt to lunch. As they walk out of the courthouse, he starts yammering on about how he was sorry he kicked Ellenor yesterday, but today he's glad he did. And I'm glad that the honour and legacy of the law isn't above some down-and-dirty violence.

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