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Black Widows

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Black Widows

Judge Zoey Miller's courtroom. Please be seated. You're in for a long speech. In short, Judge Zoey's disgusted with Pinocchio's antics. While she certainly didn't threaten the letter of the law, she most certainly gave the spirit a beating. But the DA has done nothing illegal in coercing the statement from the fifteen-year-old girl, thus, it's admissible. Both Jenny and Ellenor look frustrated and disappointed. Judge Zoey concludes by saying they'll "conference next Tuesday at nine o'clock to set a trial date." Adjourned. The freaking music plays as the guard takes Jenny away. With this gleaming victory, Pinocchio has magically transformed back into Helen. Aren't we smug?

The Black Widow trial. Bobby's giving closing arguments. In the end, all the state has is a theory; there's no conclusive evidence. There's no proof. Well, says the district attorney, "We know ragdoll has a bad cold, so we're all going to go home now. It's over." No -- really! Okay, not really. "Jerry Hanson told his son he was afraid. The way she pushed him during intercourse. And yes, we can consider the way her previous husband died because it's a pattern. Rich old men. Death. She inherits." Bobby attacks the son. Why is he making noise? Now? Just when you know he's going to inherit the entire estate. Marsha: "She ground up that Viagra so he wouldn't detect it. Come on. Two bypasses. They had intercourse for over an hour. If that isn't reckless disregard -- then what is?" The man had a weak heart to begin with, the charge is out there, and in a case like this you need good, strong evidence; the commonwealth hasn't got any. Marsha: "Why did she lie? If she's innocent, why didn't she just take that stand and tell us what happened? I'll tell you why. She's afraid you might get the right idea." Touché.

The home stretch, the final commercial break. You know, I think I like David Duchovny more when he's not Mulder.

There are pretty rowers on the river. Client Room in the courthouse. "Murder two?" Victoria says. "Do you think I'll get convicted?" Bobby's not sure; if they were trying the case on the evidence alone, no, but she lied on the stand and that damage is unfixable. "Bobby," she whispers, "I didn't do it." Eugene walks in: "Twenty-six minutes." The jury has a verdict. "What does that mean?" BW wonders. Her lead counsel has no idea, but it's one of two things: they could have concluded there's no evidence, or they could have easily convicted. He truly doesn't know which. Eugene presses her on the deal; Bobby says it's her call, and she decides to take her chances. Sure -- relying on your feminine wiles still, aren't you, honey? The camera cuts to the actual courtroom. The jury is filing in quietly and calmly, but keeping their eyes averted. "Courtney," Bobby says, "the jury isn't looking over here. That's a bad sign. If we can still get murder two." The stupid music is up again, and we can barely hear their whispering above its clatter. Tension. The jury still isn't looking. Not even one of them. Bobby bends toward the DA's table as the judge is looking through some papers. He whispers in her ear, "Still on the table? Don't mean to rush you..." Marsha holds up her hand, pauses to look at the jury, and agrees. "Your Honour!" Judge Walker looks up at Bobby. Bobby and the DA approach the bench. Bobby is sweating. I am sweating. Coughing. Hacking. Kidding. "We've reached a plea. Murder two." The judge gives him the stank-eye: "It's too late, we're about to enter the verdict." Hissing, Bobby says, "It's not too late. The verdict hasn't been entered. We have a right to reach a plea." The judge doesn't like these last-minute stunts. But David E. Kelley loves them. "Mrs. Hanson. Do you agree to plead guilty to murder in the second degree?" Courtney says she does. "Thank you. Members of the jury, you are excused and we thank you for your service." There is grumbling from the cheap seats. "Mr. Donnell," Judge Walter says, "I'm not one for passing notes in class, but you can keep this." It's the verdict sheet, and I'm sure the judge is breaking all kinds of rules by showing this to Bobby, but it is for the sake of the drama. The freaking sheet says not guilty -- appalling! She's was off scot-free. Bobby is stunned. His jaw falls to the ground and he starts grovelling. The judge sits like a fat cat. A very right fat cat at that. As they are leading the alleged Black Widow out of the courtroom, Bobby stops her and proves he has absolutely no morals: "I think we did the right thing. I'll be in to see you. We'll need to talk before sentencing." Okay, she whispers. Lord knows Courtney has only two volumes: soft and softer. "I think we did the right thing," Bobby says a second time. We fade to black. It's a good thing too, because it's way past ragdoll's bedtime.

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