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Black Widows

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Black Widows

Whoosh. Judge Zoey's chambers. The little wooden women with the big nose is explaining Jenny's situation. About how she's fifteen, about how she was thrown out of the house by her mother, that she's never had a father, and that the district attorney would like to dispose of this quietly before it hits the front pages of the Metro section. The defence attorney asks what they are offering. "I'll give her three years for involuntary manslaughter. That way she's out when she's eighteen instead of twenty-one. At least has a shot at a life." Well, isn't that pretty, everyone agrees it's a good deal. Hey, that's because Pinocchio has managed to hide the huge honker weighing down her slender face.

Whack. The holding cell. Ellenor is explaining to Jenny the terms of the deal. The girl is noticeably upset: "She said she'd help me!" Ellenor responds, "She is, Jenny. Involuntary manslaughter is a very good offer considering this happened in your third trimester. You'll be out by the time you're eighteen." The camera work is a little tricky here; when the focus is on Ellenor, she's all blurry. When it's on Jenny, she's crystal clear. It makes my eyes hurt. Kind of like the camera itself had too many beers at the Weakerthans show this weekend. The lawyer explains that even if they went to trial, argued diminished capacity, and won, Jenny's still looking at the same sentence. "So, I should plead guilty?" Ragdoll to the director: Could you have the young woman clear her throat or at least look up when she's talking? Thanks. Please continue. Jenny will need to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, then Ellenor wants to review the police files and her statement, but yes: the end result will be a guilty plea. For once, it actually appears to be an excellent deal. The fuzzy Ellenor's vision is impeded; she can't see the DA's extremely large nose. "We should jump at it," Ellenor says. As Jenny sits down on the bed in the cell, her lawyer asks if her mother's been round to see her. Nope. Jenny's mother doesn't even know she's there, let alone been to see her. "Can you tell her?" she asks Ellenor. "Sure," the lawyer nods, and on her way out says that Lucy will be down to see Jenny; they are going to need to get her some new clothes for court. Because Lucy's job now encompasses fashion coordinator as well as whip-smart sidekick. On her way out, Ellenor says, "I'll be in touch." Leaving the young girl, alone, parentless and baby-less too -- this situation tugs the heartstrings.

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