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Black Widows

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Black Widows

Time: After 2 PM. Place: The courthouse. Circumstance: The Black Widow trial. The district attorney is questioning a doctor about the cause of Mr. Hanson's death. The deceased apparently suffered from acute cardiac arrest. The toxicology test revealed traces of Viagra in the old man's system. Splice to a second doctor, Mr. Black Widow's own physician, emphatically stating: "I never, ever prescribed Viagra for Jerry." The two of them spoke about it, but in no uncertain terms, taking the drug would have been a death sentence. The man had a weak heart. There's no way he should have been taking pills to facilitate sexual marathons (because that's what women like Victoria Principal do to men; force them into having sex). Eugene's up for cross: "The reason you were talking about Viagra with Jerry Hanson was because he wanted it. Isn't that right, doctor?" Again, the doctor insists that he refused to prescribe the drug. "But he wanted it, right?" The doctor slides around Eugene's question by saying that yes, Jerry wanted to perform better for his wife. For the third time, Eugene "The Rock" Young repeats, "He wanted it?" Finally, the doctor answers: "Yes, but..." He's promptly interrupted with a "thank you" from Eugene, then counsel moves on: "In addition to being Mr. Hanson's physician, you were also his friend, correct?" Dr. Snarky: "Do they teach that in law school? It's upsetting when friends die?" Eugene glares at the witness and makes a hand gesture toward the judge, who instructs the doctor to answer the question. "Of course I'm upset." The defence is trying to get the doctor to admit that if he was a friend of the deceased, he'd be more inclined to see Mrs. Hanson convicted of his death. Feisty DA objects to this; Eugene counters that it goes to bias. Judge Walter doesn't buy it and asks Eugene to move on. The volatile witness and the very passionate defence attorney continue to clash: Eugene states that the doctor was negligent in not prescribing the drug, thereby forcing Jerry to get it somewhere else; the doctor asks then why was it ground up and put into wine? Then Dr. Snarky starts yelling, going on about how it was BW that ground the drug up and put it into the wine with the specific intent of killing her husband. Counsel yells "move to strike" about a hundred times before Judge Walter reigns in the witness. The doctor gets the stank-eye from Eugene before he continues with his questioning: "Doctor, did you advise Jerry Hanson to refrain from sexual intercourse altogether?" No, he responds: "I told him to be very careful and take it slow." Eugene: "Why couldn't he take the drug to help him perform slowly and carefully?" There are people who use the drug who have heart conditions, correct? Correct, but that doesn't mean it was right for Jerry, the physician was concerned he'd try to keep up with "her" -- the Black Magic Woman. "Knowing Jerry's nature, he wouldn't have the good sense to stop, right, doctor?" Finally, these two agree on something.

Rainy day in Boston. Ellenor approaches a run-down, shanty-type house with white peeling paint and a small awning covering the door. She's got a huge black umbrella. We see a woman dumping something in the garbage bins which sit just outside the front door. "Ms. Holbrook?" A thin, worn-down woman turns around and says, "Yeah." The advocate for her daughter takes a step toward the woman: "My name is Ellenor Frutt. I'm an attorney." Ms. Holbrook is clutching her arms to her chest as she sneers, "Whaddya want?" Ellenor replies that she comes bearing bad news. "She dead?" "Who?" Ellenor asks. "Jenny?" No! Ellenor shakes her head, still standing in the cold, wet weather; this woman doesn't even ask if she wants to come inside to get warm. Jenny's mother stands with the same cold, sneering expression on her face while Ellenor explains that her daughter has been charged with the death of her baby. "What's gonna happen to her?" Ellenor explains that Jenny will probably have to spend three years in a juvenile detention centre. The response: "Three years. A baby lasts a whole hell of a lot longer than that. She made out good." Well then. She opens the door and walks back into her house, leaving Ellenor looking both shocked and dismayed. ( And leaving ragdoll actually kind of disgusted; if she believed in violence she would have smacked that woman).

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