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Black Widows

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Black Widows

Cut to commercial. Good, because I need to throw some cold water on my face. And blow my nose.

We're back. Ms. Scott is in the midst of presenting her case at trial. A detective is on the stand explaining how the Viagra was found to have been ground up and put into wine. The detective testifies that it was the Black Widow herself who did this devious deed. Ragdoll screams: "Move on!" at the television, "I'm sick of hearing about the wine. I get it! She put the damn stuff in the wine!" Slice, a second detective is now on the stand. He starts to explain how Mrs. Hanson was a prime suspect in the death of her second husband. Number Two had been a diabetic for years, making it quite strange that he died from a massive insulin overdose. The fingerprints on the syringe belonged to the Widow, and she inherited all the money under the will, which gave her financial motive to see her husband dead. Hence, the pattern: rich husbands, in fact, rich older husbands that eventually end up dead from strange medical circumstances. Eugene "Terminator" Young is up next. "Did you charge Mrs. Hanson with her husband's death?" No, they were unable to collect enough evidence. (Now could that be because there wasn't any to collect? Huh?) The detective responds that her prints were on the syringe. This statement is countered with a little "she could have handed him the needle like she said" argument from Eugene: "Now, isn't that possible?"

Whoosh. The Firm. It's a hard-knock life. Eugene is sitting on Bobby's desk musing about the day's events. "We're missing something. Their case is lousy. It's all circumstantial innuendo. Marsha Scott's a smart DA, and she hasn't put anything on the table." Bobby's pacing with his tie loosened and his hands pulling his jacket back while resting them on his hips. He actually looks kind of sexy -- if you like that kind of thing. Eugene continues, "We're missing something." He glares at Courtney. Oh disheveled one asks: "Are we, Courtney?" In the hushed sexy tone that only Victoria Principal could affect, she responds: "No --" Eugene interrupts, wondering what the son has to say, could that be the ace up their sleeve? Well, she says, it can't be anything beyond what's she's already told them, "but [the son's] had an agenda from the beginning. He never wanted me to marry his father." Bobby asks why. "He thought I was going to kill him," she continues, "because of the circumstances surrounding my previous husband's death." The two lawyers take a collective moment, but Eugene's still not convinced: "We're missing something." Well, seeing as their case could rest as early as mid-afternoon tomorrow, Bobby suggests that they go over Courtney's testimony. BW responds, somewhat shocked: "I go first?" Apparently, she's first, she's last -- she's all they've got, and the tension mounts.

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