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Black Widows

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Black Widows

The outer office. Lindsay is making her token "I'm still the star" walk-by as she hands a file to Ellenor. Because they're lawyers here, they need files, lots of files. Lucy enters the office fresh from her stint as wardrobe consultant. With a pencil in her mouth, Ellenor asks how it went. "All right," she says. "Did you tell her mother?" Oh, did she, and what a piece of work that one was. To make sure she gets her lines right, Lucy takes a deep breath and launches into the whole Pinocchio story: Pinocchio said she'd help Jenny, told her that if she confessed she'd get to leave. The assistant believes that the district attorney tricked her into the confession. Needless to say, Ellenor's pissed. She does the whole "I'm mad so I'm going to turn my head away" trick.

Whoosh. We're in the holding cell with Jenny. Armed with pencil and legal pad, Ellenor wants to know exactly what transpired between the young girl and the puppet. Nothing good, that's for sure -- didn't you see her nose? It's massive. Jenny repeats what happened, explaining that she honestly thought Pinocchio was going to help her get out of the whole mess. There was a tall tale about an abortion, and Pinocchio said that if Jenny told the truth she'd make sure she got to leave. "I thought she'd help me," Jenny explicates, "she never said I'd be convicted of murder. She never said that." You're right Jenny, the evil little wooden woman never once mentioned murder. Well, let's be fair, you were sitting in a cop shop, you had to figure you were in a little bit of trouble? But I digress.

Bobby's office. The lights are down; there are candles, a little wine, and a web which encompasses both Victoria Principal and Bobby while they go over her testimony. She explains why she likes the older men, taunts Bobby into thinking that's she's the woman to end all women. It's insulting. Lindsay does a little overbearing-girlfriend thing by opening the door unannounced and asking if he's ready to go, and Bobby flushes, obviously spun by this wonder woman.

Commercials. Thank goodness. We need a break from this ridiculous "woman as siren" story line.

The next day. We're back at the courthouse. Lucy and Ellenor are doing the usual "let's walk and be dramatic" entrance to the courtroom. We've seen this shot before. "You didn't tell her?" Lucy hisses. It's strategy. Ellenor doesn't want the puppet prepared; she wants to surprise Pinocchio in open court. The drama! Oh, I can't stand it! They bring Jenny in and announce the charges. Pinocchio states that they've come to a plea agreement discussed in conference. Ellenor rescinds their agreement. "Ellenor!" Pinocchio hisses. Judge Zoey wants the basis for this decision. "My client's statement was a result of coercion. It was also obtained in violation of her Fifth Amendment rights." The one with the huge honker is getting visibly upset: "She was read her rights twice, Your Honour." Ellenor: "You basically unread her rights, Helen." Judge Zoey jumps in with a dash of "what's going on here," while Ellie charges ahead: "Where Miranda states that everything you say can be used against you. Here everything you say can be used to help you. Ms. Holbrook is fifteen years old, still in the throes of a big emotional wallop, and she believed Ms. Gamble was going to help her." Helen gives an "oh come on" in response. They get snippy. "She talked to my client about her own abortion in order to get Jenny to admit she killed her unborn child." Back to the letter of the law, Helen says that the only thing that matters during a confession is whether or not the suspect had been read her rights and if she made the statement voluntarily: "She was and she did." Ellenor: "And I contend she was confused with respect to her rights, deliberately, and this statement was not voluntary." Judge Zoey forces the two of them back into their respective corners. Lucy pats Ellenor down and gives her some water. Helen sits in her own corner, fuming about the size of her nose. Instead of allowing the match to continue, Judge Zoey says she'd like to see Ms. Holbrook in chambers. "Humble" Helen says, "Excuse me?" Judge Zoey retorts, "Is there a problem with me asking a few questions, counsel?"

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