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Black Widows

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Black Widows

Break; the lawyers and the district attorney are walking through the hall. The Pipsqueak Pinocchio is yelling about ambushes. Ellenor rebuts with a little "you used me, Helen." There is indignant denial. "You figured I'd be less inclined to doubt your motives and I don't like it." Huh, exactly. And these two live together -- how's that for tension. "My motive was to help that girl." Ellie: "And what was it when you went into that room to interrogate her?" Pinocchio responds that she wanted to get her confession, and upon hearing the story she honestly felt some compassion. Hell, I believe that the only "honest" emotion this puppet has ever had is the thrill of victory -- hey wait, puppets don't have any emotions! That's the key! The compassion she felt for Jenny was Pinocchio's impetus for going to Ellenor. Who says, "I don't how in good conscience you can trick a fifteen-year-old." The DA interrupts her: "Your client is a murderer Ellenor, you're angry -- I understand -- but don't appeal to me on conscience." I didn't quite understand this argument, but on second thought I suppose it has something to do with Ellenor being a defence attorney. But still, Jenny's a kid who made a mistake, and is probably kicking herself pretty hard for making another one. The puppet Helen wants to win that little bit too much; she is after all the one who called Ellenor in on the case, and now she's the one who's upset Ellenor's doing a good job.

Cut to the Black Widow trial. Marsha Scott is interviewing the BW's stepson. He's describing his father to the jury: his dad was a frail man in his seventies, and he wasn't attractive, nor was he at all charming. "And she falls in love with him?" he says scornfully. "Did your father ever talk to you about his relationship with the defendant?" Yes, they talked; specifically they spoke about his sex life; his dad said that the BW was insatiable (as if she could be anything but -- please, she's Pamela Ewing). Here Bobby objects, stating that this line of question is hearsay. The DA asks again if Mr. Hanson, Jr. can remember any particular instances where he and his father discussed sex. "Yes, he became very excited." Objection! The DA counters with an "excited utterance -- exception to the hearsay rule," and the judge overrules the objection. "What did your father tell you, Mr. Hanson?" Apparently, Mrs. Hanson made violent, almost sadistic love, and his father wondered sometimes if she was trying to give him a heart attack. "What else, sir?" The son continues that Courtney would taunt his father during sex, taunt him to go harder, like some "weird psychological punishment."

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