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Black Widows

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Black Widows
frustration, since she out-and-out lied to them. Huh, funny how I didn't catch her nose growing, must be her feminine wiles working their ways on me too.

Cut to Chambers with Judge Walter. Bobby's arguing that it's privileged -- doctor-patient confidentiality. Marsha counters with, "She waived privilege. She opened the door." Bobby wants to know how. Hey, you can't have it both ways: Courtney, by way of talking about the conversation she had with her doctor, effectively wiped out her privilege. The DA wins the argument. Bobby's objection is overruled.

Looking like superheroes, Bobby and Eugene walk extremely violently down the hallway toward one of the client rooms. "I knew we were missing something. That was their ace." Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet, Eugene. Courtney's sitting with her hands clasped on the table when the lawyers bust into the room with fire coming out of their ears. Bobby slams the door: "You got the Viagra from your own doctor?" Well, she was afraid of how it would look, you know people might think she must have put it in his wine. "Well, did you?" Bobby "Baby Walk All Over Me" yells. No, it happened exactly as she said. Well, no, now Courtney, it didn't; you lied, and Bobby is screaming -- which is amazing simply because we're three quarters of the way through the episode and no one has screamed yet. Their whole case was her testimony and now the DA's office has caught them in a lie. Victoria pouts; she asks Bobby not to yell. Hell, I'd let him yell, that's what happens when you act like an idiot when you're on trial for murder, moron. "You lied to us, Courtney!" At this she jumps up with more character then I've seen all episode: "I didn't kill him, we were making love! I didn't kill him!" Well, that's how it looks. "After your doctor testifies you have to get back up there and explain, to the jury, why you lied. And I hope you're good." Word. The music takes us into commercials, and then we're back to . . .

The Black Widow defending her honour. You see, for the first few minutes she was on the stand she was confused, she thought she was back on some prime-time soap where everyone lies to everyone else about everything. Or maybe she was afraid of how it would look, she being the one to get the drug. Okay, that's more of what happened. "We both agreed to put it into the wine." Bobby wants to know why the jury should believe her now, especially after she lied to them: "I don't have an answer for that. Why should anyone believe that I could fall in love with an older man, but I did." Then even more softly, more demurely, "I did." Marsha's up and she's out for blood: "Let's talk about that. You falling in love with three older men." BW feels safe and secure with older men; they're not as predatory. Then she slips, sort of, and mentions that she thinks it probably has to do with the safety she felt with her own father. Despite how creepy that actually is, this opens up a whole can of worms, and Ms. Scott is off: "Your dad died serving time at Carteret Prison in New Jersey. Didn't he?" A blank, even vacuous, stare from Courtney. "He was convicted of raping you when you were nine years old." Because we can't have an episode of The Practice without having some sick deviant sexual behaviour. "He was wrongly convicted. It never happened," Courtney counters, still wearing an empty, disturbing stare. "Your mother and your sister walked in on it." Again, Courtney says that it never happened; just in time to avert a nightmare, Bobby jumps up and asks if he can have time to confer with his client. Denied by Judge Walter. "You don't find safety with these older men, do you Mrs. Hanson. You find your anger -- your hatred." For the third time, with the same vacant stare, she repeats, "He was wrongly convicted." There is odd dramatic music playing. After pausing on Victoria's absent face for an instant, we cut to the crowds outside the courtroom, the reporters trying for a scrap of a story. Bobby, Eugene, and Courtney enter the client room, and the lead counsel asks snidely: "So. Courtney, any more surprises?" Again she replies, "It didn't happen." Eugene and Bobby don't look convinced.

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