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Blowing Smoke

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Blowing Smoke

I'd just like to say that I am quite jealous of deborah for having any closed captioning at all, because my typing at times looks like it was done by a drunken lemur with two broken paws and a speech impediment.

The episode opens at the firm, where we see Rebecca and Ellenor preparing for court. Rebecca "Bee Up Her Bonnet" Washington is hustling Ellenor, who asks, "Is this a coffee thing or an ex-boyfriend thing?" "Ellenor!" Rebecca whines as the two of them start to make their way out of the office. Bobby "The Man" Donnell crosses their paths on the way out as he's on his way over to Lindsay "The Woman" Doyle, asking about "Pinkner vs. Williams Braelyn Tobacco Company." Lindsay "The Woman" retorts, while insidiously shuffling the papers on her desk, "Oh, yeah, uh, she's a friend of mine." "You actually took this case?" he snarls in his most attractive way. "It'll be a winner, Bobby, maybe not a lot of money --" Bobby interrupts her: "You're suing a tobacco company for breaking up a marriage?" He marches aggressively toward her desk with file in hand as Jimmy "Summer of Sam" Berluti echoes, "What?" The Bobby Bickersons continue to argue the merits of the case and everyone else in the room decides to get in on the action. All attention is focused on The Woman right now as Ellenor and Rebecca stop by Lindsay's desk on the way out and Lucy pokes her head in from the board room. Jimmy says that he thought the partners were supposed to approve all new cases. Lindsay snaps back, "It's two days of discovery, tops, and you're not a partner." Way to kick a man all the way down, Lindsay. Jimmy says, "Thanks for reminding me." Ellenor, who is thoroughly pissing Rebecca off by stalling some more, says that she is a partner and would really like to know what's going on. The Woman, quick to her own defense, snaps, "Aren't you late for trial?" So everyone's ganging up on poor Lindsay, who fires back a response as only she with the burnt tongue can: "Thank you all very much for your support, maybe one day in your life you people will have friends you want to support and when you do, I'll remember this." Hey, nothing says anger like the term "you people," and can anyone guess what's up with Lindsay? Lucy "The Intuitive" says, "Definitely wedding stress." Lindsay gives her The Lucy Glare that should have its own patent, and the poor girl backpeddles, "My first instinct was to say nothing. Totally." The stage is set and the snappy credits roll.

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