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Blowing Smoke

Whoosh we're in chambers with Judge Wilcox. Stone Cold and Rebecca are arguing about admitting the kid's record. The defense wants to introduce the kid's priors; the DA objects to putting the dead kid on trial. The Judge just wants to know why it's relevant. Because it isn't really, not at all, but it would help their case. Ellenor says that Cop Armstrong made a judgment call based on his nine years of being a cop, and that his hunch turned out to be correct. Good Cop. Bad Cop. You know the routine: more banter, and then an argument about whether the jury should hear that the kid's a suspected murderer. In the end, Stone Cold is more persuasive and the judge rules against the defense’s motion to introduce the record. Closing arguments are to take place at 3:30 PM.

Back into the side room at the courthouse with the two lawyers and Cop Armstrong. The two women are facing the cop, who has his back to the camera. Rebecca is reading the kid's record. She starts murmuring about how bad the kid is and about how she knew the fellow he allegedly shot. Rebecca, Cop Armstrong, and Gavin Page (who was shot by Will Bradley) all grew up together. Rebecca has an epiphany: "Oh my God. This shooting wasn't a mistake, was it, Craig? This Bradley kid shot your friend and then got it kicked because of a bad search. You executed him." Cop Armstrong can't look at Rebecca, starts to mutter "clean shoot" in response to Rebecca's accusations. "You're a murderer," she says, and she stands up defensively. "Clean shoot," he says. Good Cop? Bad Cop?

Good time for a commercial because the audience needs some down time after that shocker.

In the side room, Rebecca is desperately trying to get her head around what happened. Cop Armstrong is mysteriously absent from the scene. "When you know somebody, you know somebody," she says, thinking that the somebody you know and love doesn't usually end up a murderer. Well, maybe if they're not on The Practice, but it seems that everyone's in trouble if they know a lawyer on this show. And good thing Ellenor's there to comfort Rebecca, because she knows a little about the "good friends who turn into cold-blooded killers" thing. Not many people can say that, now, can they? Ellenor gives the "we're defense lawyers, this is our job" speech. Rebecca responds that she doesn't think she can close. With her usual tact and grace, Ellenor responds that they've a better chance at acquittal if she does, simply because Rebecca's black and it would do the jury good to see a black lawyer deliver the closing argument: "Let's not kid ourselves. Our best chance at an acquittal is you. That's what we're supposed to be going for, right?"

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