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Blowing Smoke

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Blowing Smoke

The firm. Lindsay is back in the boardroom with the executive, Grey Guy, Bobby, and "The Lump." The overhead shot is focused on the executive, who’s powerfully stating that he's not going to give this ridiculous lawsuit any more of his time and energy: "Do I look like the idiot of the new millennium to you?" ["You'll do until he comes along." -- deborah] We see smoke funneling out of his ears. Lindsay's response is an incredibly long speech that took me about three hours to transcribe and takes up about a page and a half of written text; essentially, she manufactures a case out of these depositions and threatens to sue the company playing the addiction, addiction, addiction card, and because she's beaten the tobacco companies before, she knows she'll beat them again. She says addiction a couple hundred more times, mentions a whole lot of cancer, talks about the estranged marriage, and leaves every man in the room quaking. When Lindsay scrunches up her face and talks this much, she looks really good. Seriously. As she finishes, there's a panning shot of the executive, his lawyer, and Bobby looking quite astonished. I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- she's certainly working her way back into 3.9 territory!

Back in court for closing arguments. Rebecca is up first, making sure the jury knows that Cop Armstrong thought he saw a gun. She makes sure to mention that the shooting was a mistake. Point. Stone Cold explains in her patient yet completely condescending tone that the victim couldn't have grabbed his gun because it was found in his pocket. She plays the racial card. Counterpoint. Rebecca mentions the lack of evidence, says the DA’s office had no real case against her client, and rules out the racial argument by stating that Craig never said those horrible things. Pawn to rook four. "Why would she lie?" Stone Cold asks a rhetorical question, that's a lot of trouble to go through just because Cop Armstrong hurt her feelings. Rook taken by knight. What motive has the Commonwealth presented? Why, none! Why not? Because it was an accident. Plain and simple. This is a police officer, people -- he's a good man. Rebecca pauses for a second to look with the jury at Cop Armstrong; she looks like a deer in headlights, afraid of her own skin. She composes her self and asks the jury to think about why Will Bradley had a gun, and what would have happened if the cop hadn't flown in and blasted the kid, thus freeing the world from his crime. Check. Stone Cold with the bad hair is back up, and with a raised voice, she says, "He shot the man three times! Do we excuse murder because he's a cop? That's your call." Mate.

Lindsay comes into Bobby's office, where Rachel is waiting for the verdict. In complete contrast to Rachel, Lindsay is wearing one of those gorgeous long dress coats; I am loath to admit she looks fabulous. "Two hundred seventy thousand dollars," she says. Both women look giddy. "How?" Rachel asks. "You all but assured me I had no case." "You didn't," Lindsay replies. "That's the thing about this business. Sometimes the merits of the case have nothing to do with the outcome. Congratulations." Rachel makes a desperate attempt at retribution by wanting Lindsay to sue the other woman. She's all out of people to sue, Lindsay says, looking patronizingly at her friend while she wears the big Bobby ring on her finger. A gentle, friendly nudge: "You need to move on." Rachel says, "What am I going to do? Just go home with $175,000?" Yes, that's exactly what you need to do, send your kids to college and get a good make-over; hey, it worked for Linda Tripp. ["Erm. I may have to beg to differ there. I think Linda Tripp looks like a cross-dressing goodfella now. I'm just sayin'." -- deborah] ["Agreed." -- Sars] They hug and Rachel leaves, thanking Lindsay on her way out the door; Lindsay calls out, "You won." The damn melodramatic music is playing again, signaling the end of this scene.

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