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Blowing Smoke

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Blowing Smoke

Cut to court where they are all waiting for the jury's decision. Judge Wilcox asks the defendant to rise. The jury has reached a unanimous decision to acquit Cop Armstrong. There is rejoicing! There is dancing! "You did it!" Cop Armstrong is elated. "Thank you!" He shakes Ellenor's hand and turns to Rebecca who holds up a hand of her own so he doesn't touch her: "Congratulations, Craig. You can go." "I can live with myself," he says. "Well, that's the difference between us, I guess." She turns her back on him and leaves the courtroom. Cop Armstrong stands there looking both stoic and defeated. But he won.

The final scene of the episode takes place back at the firm. Bobby comes into his office saying the case is over, their week is over, and they should probably go home. He's on about Lindsay's coupe in the conference room. We're all stunned. Yes, yes, she's great, you're great, you're going to get married, Lindsay's going to get laid and let's just get on with it, shall we? Lindsay worries because a cigar really broke up her friend's marriage, but that doesn't mean that hers won't work, and as Lindsay puts her head on Bobby's shoulder he says he's sure something like that won't break them up because "he's just begun to love her." Ahh, so sickly sweet. Fade to black.

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