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Blowing Smoke

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Blowing Smoke

Whoosh over to the boardroom at the firm, where Lindsay is deposing her friend Rachel. She's apparently the woman suing the tobacco company for breaking up her marriage. The scene opens with her describing how the cigars caused problems in her marriage. At first they fought about the smell, then about how unhealthy cigars are, then about how she was afraid of her husband developing lung cancer. Apparently, Mr. Rachel started frequenting cigar clubs just to get away from her and spending a lot of money they didn't have: "He started spending more and more time there. Our relationship started to deteriorate." Rachel looks mournfully at the lawyer for the cigar manufacturer, Grey Guy In Grey Suit. "Did you ever go for counseling?" His Greyness asks. "Yes," Rachel responds. "The therapist said his cigar smoking was an issue and that he should stop. But he couldn't. He was addicted." With her early-nineties hair cut and fuzzy sweater, I'd start smoking cigars to get away from her too.

We cut to just Lindsay and the Grey Guy speaking one-on-one. "Are you serious?" he says. Lindsay, "If I establish addiction --" "You won't," The Grey Guy smirks. Lindsay, for the twentieth time already in the show, starts blowing some smoke (see, see how that's the title of the episode, blowing smoke?) about how a trial will cost so much more than if the cigar manufacturer would just settle the case out of court. Grey Guy says there's no way he's going to recommend that his client pay out on this case, and he threatens Lindsay with some counter-suit mumbo-jumbo about costs and attorney's fees should she continue. Now what fun is it if the cigar company won't play too?

Quick cut to inside the law firm, after the deposition. "Nothing?" Bobby says as Lindsay "3.9" trails along behind. They end up standing right in front of Jimmy’s desk. "3.9" tries to convince "1.6" that she still has a chance at some payola if she can get the cigar company to admit to nuisance. 1.6 responds, "Cigarette companies don't pay nuisance, there's no way a cigar company's --" 3.9 interrupts by stating that Bobby doesn't know that for certain, which prompts Jimmy to interrupt, "With the precedent alone," but 3.9 interrupts back, "Jimmy, this case doesn't involve you." Jimmy thinks to himself, "You bitch," and if it didn't concern him, why the heck would they stand right in front of his desk talking about it in the first place, and he hisses at Lindsay and threatens to sic his talking dog on her. Okay, he doesn't. But I really want him to. 1.6 steps in before the fist fight and finally agrees to another deposition -- in this case, a cigar company exec. Lindsay says that the case would be stronger if she had a second chair, but Bobby's busy, so they both look at Jimmy, who says, "You just said it didn't involve me." Word, Jimmy. Lindsay starts sweet-talking: "One depo, Jimmy, you just have to sit there like a big lump, you think you can do that?" And if this is Lindsay being enticing, it's no wonder she's not getting laid. ["Big honkin' word." -- deborah] "She's hostile," Jimmy points out. Maybe because she needs to get laid? Bobby says it's just one deposition and forces Jimmy's hand, so Jimmy's on board against his will and 1.6 and 3.9 walk away from his desk. Poor, poor Jimmy.

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