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Blowing Smoke

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Blowing Smoke

We see an overhead helicopter shot of some office-type buildings; inside, Lindsay and her anti-cigar-smoking friend are talking in the office. Rachel feels like a fool but she swears to Lindsay that she watched her husband get sucked into becoming an addict. You'd think her husband had started shooting junk and bonking prostitutes by the severity of the tone in her voice, and again I feel the need to mention that her hair is terrible and she looks like three miles of bad road. She keeps insisting that she's not crazy for thinking the cigars broke up her marriage; she watched it happen, she saw her husband get carried away in a big puff of smoke. Lindsay moves around the table and sits across from Rachel and says, "Look, after tomorrow's deposition, we might just have to cut our losses." Because they have no case. And because this is The Practice and not Ally McBeal, where they’re always arguing no-case cases. "You'd think I'd be able to sue him," Rachel pontificates. Lindsay explains the legality of why that's not possible, and looking intense, she listens once again to her friend state with undying certainty that the cigars are what killed their marriage. Thank goodness we fade to commercial or I might have just killed myself.

The General's Daughter is now on video. Wow, what a terrible movie. It doesn’t have one redeeming quality, despite the presence of John "Scientologist" Travolta.

Back at the courthouse, Craig and Rebecca are talking in the breakout room. "You seem to have the same temper I remember," she says. Cop Armstrong starts in on Ellenor and how she's not very supportive, and explains to Rebecca that the kid he shot was a bad guy. That's what happens to bad guys in America; they get what's coming to them. Cop goes on to state that if he hadn't shot the kid, one of his "gang-banging" friends would have. But hey, I’m sure the dead kid was thinking the same thing when you pumped three bullets into him -- all bad guys deserve to be shot down dead, don't they? There’s no way a seventeen-year-old could have turned his life around, right? Rebecca: "You take that attitude on the stand and you're going down." Way to tell it like it is, Rebecca. She coaches him on his testimony and tells him that if he doesn't start letting them be lawyers, he'll be seeing the inside of a cell faster than I can complain about Canada in the wintertime.

We cut to Lindsay's deposition. She's in the boardroom at the firm with the Grey Guy, his client, and Jimmy, and they’re playing show-and-tell. Lindsay's holding up a magazine and grilling the executive about whether or not his publication intends to promote cigar smoking, and about how this glossy magazine makes the stinky stogies attractive to men like Mr. Pinkner. She asks, "Is it your testimony that cigar's aren't addictive?" He responds by stating that there is no medical evidence that cigars are addictive. More back and forth. Lindsay's on about the cancer -- oral cancer, esophageal cancer, tongue and lung cancer -- for some reason, and it sure as hell isn't relevance. After all the cancer haranguing, she says, "Let's turn to heart disease." And there is a dramatic cut to the next scene.

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