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Blowing Smoke

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Blowing Smoke

Cut to Lindsay and Jimmy walking through the office. Jimmy "The Lump" is confused, saying, "That had nothing to do with anything!" and flailing his arms around like a flightless bird. Crack goes the 3.9 whip: "I know what I'm doing, Jimmy." Once again, Jimmy's back in line and they end up talking in front of Lucy's desk, except now they're talking to Bobby. Jimmy insists there's no case and that Lindsay is wasting valuable time; Lindsay bickers that she has her reasons, and Bobby breaks it up. "What the hell is your problem?" she snaps at Jimmy, and he strangles her -- metaphorically, of course. She storms into Bobby's office and slams the door. "Is there something I am not getting here?" Jimmy says quietly. Don't worry, Jimmy -- you might not be getting it, but we sure are. Lucy pipes up, "It's Lindsay who's not getting it -- from Bobby." The trademark "Lucy!" comes from Bobby as he goes into his office, leaving Jimmy with a lovely look of final understanding on his usually dumbfounded face.

The camera moves inside as Bobby enters his office. "I have a plan, okay? It's not just about...these people don't want to go to trial. I have a plan." Lindsay whines. The Man takes a very deep breath and looks sternly at The Woman.

The camera swirls and we're back in court. Rebecca is standing in front of the witness box where Cop Armstrong is seated. He's explaining what happened from his perspective. Very calmly, he states that he saw a flash of metal through the window and hustled up to get a better look. At that time, he saw the victim reaching inside his coat for a weapon, the weapon he's already seen flashing in the window. There's a great shot of Stone Cold Gamble as the camera slices its way around the room, and we see Ellenor, Cop Armstrong, and finally we're back to Rebecca. "What did you do then?" she asks. "I went into the store and ordered him to drop it. His arm was still inside his coat. I saw what looked like a gun. I thought he was pulling it out on me and I shot," Cop Armstrong finishes and looks at the jury. He's convincing. Hell, even I believe him at this moment. He maintains his cool, says that he truly thought his life was in danger and that's why he fired. Stone Cold's next at bat, up and gesturing with a pen for some reason: "You were off duty and you had a gun?" "Yes," Cool-Hand Cop responds. "Why was that?" Apparently, a six-foot-something, hard-as-a-rock police officer carries his gun for protection. The streets are bad, remember. "Oh," Helen responds. "You said you were suspicious of Mr. Bradley before you came into the store. Why was that?" Cop Armstrong mentions again that he saw the reflection of what he thought might be a gun. Helen starts in with racial profiling and asks if the cop suspected the victim because of the colour of his skin. "If you look closely, you'll see that I'm black," he says dryly in response to Helen's strange line of questioning. She starts in on him about his feelings toward different ethnic and racial groups, and she wonders if he has ever made derogatory remarks about people -- even people of his own race? Cop Armstrong says that he hasn't; Stone Cold asks if he's sure, and he says that he is. She turns away and thunders, "Your Honour, at this time the Commonwealth would like to call a rebuttal witness." Rebecca and Ellenor shoot each other some good startled looks.

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