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Blowing Smoke

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Blowing Smoke

More of those fast whirling shots as we're back in a side room at the courthouse, where Cop Armstrong, Ellenor, and Rebecca are: A) trying to figure out what the heck Helen is doing or B) strategizing about what they're going to do next or C) kicking themselves for not objecting when they had the chance? How about D) all of the above? Apparently, the rebuttal witness is Hillary Pope, another ex-girlfriend of the cop's. Again, Ellenor "Grill It Like It Is" Frutt is at him about whether or not he knows what Hillary will say. "No," Cop Armstrong says, and adds that he hasn't said anything about the racial profiling, and no, he doesn't know what she'll say, and no, he didn't just shoot a kid point-blank and expect to get away with it. He turns to Rebecca and asks her what's going on; she doesn't know, she says, but they'll find out soon enough.

Some nice exterior scenes, car lights, a pond, a UPS truck turning, so we know it's evening now. We're back at the firm. "You ready? It's quarter to eight?" Bobby asks as he pokes his head into the boardroom. "I'm ready," Lindsay says, and she gathers her things and heads out the door. "Sorry this has been so much trouble -- she's, umm, it's just --" It's a marvel that Lindsay gets a word out when she's talking to Bobby. She too is stunned by his incredible good looks and marvelous taste in men's clothes. Never mind that it's Jimmy she should be apologizing to. "She's a friend; you need sex," Bobby teases her. We all do, Bobby, we all do! Lindsay says, "Please don't make fun of me." Lindsay and Bobby start deconstructing the case -- it’s touching a nerve, is she feeling threatened by it, does marriage really work? "She had a baby, got a little fat, couldn't drop the weight." Started threatening cigar companies with litigation, couldn't bring herself to part with her nineties hair, wore bad fuzzy sweaters. They start throwing around all kinds of double entendres about smoking, forcing some romantic tension between Bobby and Lindsay and making for quite a nice scene between these two. So, Bobby's passion isn't eroding; they share a tender kiss. Lindsay just doesn't want to believe that people simply stop loving each other -- she figures that's her big problem with this case. I want to barf in my popcorn. Thank goodness it's time for them to go home. ["I would have found hot sex on the conference table a lot more convincing, but what do I know?" -- Sars]

Cheesy commercial break. Something about kids, single moms and Hamburger Helper. These are the moments I’m glad to be a vegetarian.

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