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Blowing Smoke

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Blowing Smoke

Cut to Lindsay deposing the cigar-smoking husband in the boardroom. "The Lump" is present. "I would hardly consider a cigar the doom of my marriage," Rachel's husband says. The Grey Guy asks what he thought was the end of his marriage, and Mr. Pinkner responds that he and his wife stopped communicating and drifted apart; he met another woman, fell in love, and filed for divorce. A shot of Rachel looking worse than she's ever looked before (if you can imagine that). Lindsay asks, "At some point during your estrangement, you began smoking cigars?" He begins to answer, but Lindsay cuts him off after he agrees. She asks if he's addicted to them, the husband responds in the affirmative, and as it turns out Mr. Pinkner smokes seven or eight of these logs a day (hell, I'd leave him too, because that's just disgusting). Lindsay starts asking about his professional life, which as it turns out isn't too hot. Mr. Pinkner's been demoted, and as a result of that emasculation, he's taking up puffing on incredibly phallic Cuban cigars. Well, that's an effective way of dealing with stress, isn't it? "A cigar means success, they're expensive, they stand for victory!" ["Even if people buy the hooey about cigars, who talks like this?" -- deborah] Apparently, they give him that powerful feeling he wasn't getting at home or at work. Mr. Pinkner's become addicted to the cigar lifestyle, the clubs, the glossy magazines, and he fell in love with how it all made him feel.

Another quick shot of Lindsay walking quickly through the office, with Jimmy behind her trying to catch breadcrumbs for the case: "Where are you going with all of this?" She brushes him off as she glides out the door, mumbling on her way out that she's going to do some research, and could Bobby join her and Jimmy in the final meeting this afternoon? She's out the front door and in such a good mood that we're almost certain she got laid. ["Would Bobby have had any choice, now that the whole office knows about it?" -- deborah] ["Holy performance anxiety, Batman!" -- Sars]

The courthouse. Ellenor, Rebecca, and Stone Cold turn the corner, discussing a plea bargain for Quick Draw McArmstrong. Helen isn't willing to deal the case any longer; they had their chance and they blew it. Ellenor cracks, "You've been hanging around Richard too long." "Ouch," Helen says and merrily trips away, I hope to do something about that hair. Rebecca and Ellenor need a lifeboat for their drowning case: "His juvie record!" Rebecca says. You knew it was coming: they are going to Plan B, maligning the character of the dead guy.

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