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Boston Confidential

The episode opens with a gross-out view of Bobby and Lindsay, mid-coital. They are smooching and their lips are making those gross slapping sounds. You can hear them giggling amidst their lovemaking. Outside of Lindsay's bedroom, you can hear Helen screaming, "Lindsay! Lindsay!" Her voice is coming closer, and then she bursts in on her roommate and ex-lover doing the nasty. Helen "Can't Buy Me Love" Gamble cracks, "Do you guys brush or just start right in with morning breath?" Bobby rolls off Lindsay as she groans about Helen's intrusion. Helen mentions she was just called to a crime scene and just wanted her roomie to know. Lindsay gives her a pert, "Well, thanks for telling me!" and Helen leaves. With his hand resting on his head, Bobby "Love's Labour's Definitely Lost" Donnell complains, "She's not sorry. She likes doing that." To placate him, as always, Lindsay mopes, "I'll get a lock." As per usual, that's not good enough. "Never mind a lock," her fiancé says. "Move in with me!" He rolls back on top of her as they continue to debate the merits of living in sin. Apparently, Lindsay's father doesn't think she should wear white if she commits the mortal blunder of living with someone before they're actually married. What? Did we mysteriously transplant ourselves back to the fifties? Am I watching an Oprah-sanctioned television movie? When it comes right down to it, the real reason that Lindsay can't shack up with The Man is Helen. She can't afford the place on her own. Aw, poor Helen. Bobby's not happy, so he rolls back off his lover. And it looks like Lindsay's not getting her "good morning!" from him today.

Cut to a busy Boston street. A street cop is directing traffic around a crime scene. We see Helen climb out of a car and walk toward Det. Mike McGuire, asking what they've got. He replies that they've got a "big ticket. The suspect's the president of Boston Liberty Bank -- Pierce Stanton." Mike introduces her to Officer Henderson, a female beat cop, who had pulled Mr. Stanton over for a traffic violation after he ran a stop sign. They guide Helen over to a car doubling as the murder scene where a very pale, very dead woman wearing a aquamarine blue pantsuit has been stuffed into the trunk. Her eyes are still open and her hair looks all wild. "And he confessed?" Helen asks as she views the body. Officer Henderson responds that he just started crying and saying that he strangled her. The DA glances up and over to the police car containing the suspect; she walks over, pokes her head in through the window, flashes her badge and introduces herself. She explains that they're going to take him down to the police station where they'd like him to make a statement. "I think I should call my lawyer," Mr. Stanton responds. "That's fine," Helen says and Stanton continues: "His name is Bobby Donnell. I'm sure he's listed." Helen rolls her eyes and sighs a really big sigh just in time to signal the credits. Oh, she knows where to find Bobby: he's currently doing the hootchie-cootchie with her roommate -- much to her chagrin.

We're back at the crime scene after the credits and first commercials. Det. McGuire explains to Helen that Officer Henderson may have "jumped the gun" on the search. "Jumped the gun how?" She questions. "Well, reasonable suspicion is 'iffy.'" The DA calls the uniform cop over and asks her to come by her office this morning, the officer agrees, and with a curt "Bye Mike" to McGuire, Helen grabs her broomstick and flies off to the courthouse.

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