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Once again, an extra large shout-out to deborah for being so clear and concise, and to everyone else on the forums for their insightful discussion of the issues that were brought up in this episode. Carry on!

Previously on The Practice: Ellenor tells Lindsay, and only Lindsay, she's pregnant. She also refuses to reveal who the father is; she's going to be a single parent. Harland Bassett is ordered by the court to have co-counsel present at his trial, ends up working with Eugene, and causes trouble all over the place by entering a man's penis into evidence. Consequently, Harland has an acrimonious relationship with Judge Zoey Hiller.

Helen closes the door to a conference room which is, I'm assuming, somewhere in the District Attorney's office. She moves toward a rather large group of people and informs them they've got to get past one last motion to dismiss by the defense before the trial can start tomorrow. A clean-cut, rather awkward-looking man says, "You will get by it, right?" He looks very, very concerned. Helen hopes they will "get by it." An older woman with Lucy Ricardo hair asks, "You mean, there's a chance this may not even go to trial?" She's wearing a brooch. That's wardrobe's clue to us that she's a mother. They give the younger single women necklaces; they're racier. Way to keep with the times, wardrobe. Moving quickly into her "serious prosecutor" role, Helen explains this motion is an uphill battle, because they are prosecuting one man for a murder he didn't even commit; in fact, the crime did not even take place in the States, which makes it even more complicated. The Father pipes up, "But the man was his brother?" Helen sits down at the table and quietly explains how they've only gotten so much cooperation from Pakistani authorities. She quickly adds that she's received no help "whatsoever" from the federal government and says, "Quite frankly, our case is weak." The Brother says, "So, you think he's going to get away with it?" With a great sigh, Helen reassures all of the some two hundred people that seem to be in the family that she's going to fight hard for them. Whatever. Helen couldn't do anything softly even if she put her mind to it -- the woman's about as soft as a landing made of concrete bricks.

Whoosh. The Firm. The Emperor Rod, fresh from his victory last week in the not-at-all-harrowing Scott Wallace trial, advises his client about taking a deal. A very handsome, very well-dressed man refuses to consider a plea. You all know the drill, say it with me now: "He had nothing to do with it." Only, I think we've had our share of "innocent" verdicts so far this season. I'm convinced this one's going to end up being guilty. The Handsome Accusee explains: "You can't condemn a man for the actions of his brother." Yeah, well, tell that to Cain -- or wait, is it Abel? I'm a bit off on my Biblical references. The Emperor states emphatically that the jury could very well think he was involved because the murderer was his brother. The Handsome Accusee re-asserts that he had nothing at all to do with the crime and wants to know one good reason why he should even consider a plea. Bobby "The Big Kahuna" Donnell looks boldly at the camera: "I'll give you three." He asserts, "You're Pakistani, the victim was American, and this is Boston." Wow, not even past the first credits and a) The Emperor Rod is lecturing, b) he's not making sense, and c) he's being overly dramatic. Shut up, Bobby.

Credits. The theme song makes even Billy Ocean blush. It's that bad.

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