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The Firm. Jimmy and Ellenor make up. He admits to having a problem with single mothers. He does consider Ellenor family, and that means it is okay for him to butt his gargantuan head into her business. Blah dee blah while he doubts what she's doing, or the decision she's made, blah dee blah he'll be there for her. All Ellenor wants is for Jimmy to be happy with her. Now, is that too much to ask?

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Courtroom. Judge Kittleson is studying the verdict. She asks Aman to rise. The jury has reached a verdict. They find him guilty on both counts -- on the accessory charge, and on the conspiracy to commit murder. The Family is joyous. The Emperor asks that the court find Aman not guilty not withstanding the verdict. Now, this would have been the right decision, but Kittleson refuses. Aman is remanded into custody, and the trial is adjourned. There is a bad taste in my mouth. Bobby stares down Helen. The music makes me nauseous.

Chambers. Bobby bursts into Judge Beautiful's office and gives her a piece of his mind. He claims she knows there was no basis for that verdict and that she ignored that fact. He's always known her to be a judge who is about the law, and "despite all the wacky stuff" that she's got going on, when she puts the robe on, she's a fair, good judge. He points a finger and almost punctures a lung. His hands throw an invisible volleyball at the judge: "Helen Gamble delivered one of the most bigoted closings I have ever seen." Word. "And you didn't blink." He points down to the ground and digs through to China: "There has been so much prejudice in this trial, I could scream." Oh, wait, you already are screaming. "And the most prejudice was in the form of that verdict." They fight for a while longer. Judge Beautiful claims that Helen's bigotry is actually the client's motive, "and she is free to argue that." Also, the jury found the circumstantial evidence to be compelling, and so they've convicted. Lastly, "any man whose brother burns women alive, he can't be all good. Now please leave." Wow. Bobby says, "I guess prejudice is cloaked in black robes sometimes too." She again tells him he'd better leave. For maybe the second time in Bobby's life, he actually listens and exits her chambers. Well, it's nice to see him stand up and actually do something for his client. Too little, too late, Donnell -- too little, too late.

County Jail. Eugene visits Harland in jail. He jokes about them taking away his tie and his shoelaces like he was going to hang himself or something, "on this day!" Harland continues, "Coming off of victory? Yeah, right!" The Melody Of The Day Of The Underdog rises up as Harland apologizes to Eugene. They bond. Maybe we'll be seeing more of Harland. But, Lord, I hope not.

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