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Previously on The Practice: Eugene and his ex-wife Sharon want to know why their son Kendall has been arrested for allegedly dealing drugs; Kendall suggests he’s being framed; the mother of one of Kendall’s friends shows Eugene and Bobby some nanny-cam footage of him bragging about how to avoid criminal charges; Eugene warns his son that if he ever gets arrested again, his drug-dealing arrest will be dragged into it; Lindsay’s stabbed by a nun and barely survives the attack; Bobby thinks she hasn’t recovered from the trauma yet.

As the show opens, the members of Donnell, Young, Dole & Frutt are drawing straws to see who gets the undesirable case of a long-term mental patient petitioning for release. Lucy gets some plastic coffee stirrers; Jimmy makes a lame joke about having to recuse himself due to the fact that "some of [his] relations are mental." Lindsay draws the short straw and moans, "Why do I always get the wackos?" Ellenor replies, "You don’t get them. I get them." Lindsay: "No, you date them." Surprisingly, Ellenor doesn’t give Lindsay one in the chops. Then again, it’s only thirty seconds into the show, and even on Jerry Springer, they don’t start swinging that fast. Lucy interrupts the general ribbing and laughing to tell Eugene his ex-wife is on the phone. Eugene says "Hello," and then the Music of Serious Legal Trouble plays, and Eugene drops his hand, the one holding the receiver, without another word.

Three cop cars are parked all over the place in front of an urban Boston home. Uniformed officers and detectives are flying into the house and a small throng of interested bystanders is forming. Eugene and Ellenor drive up and race into the house. The house is full of people and Eugene runs into Mike, the usual detective assigned to any case involving DYD&F, and asks, "Are they questioning her?" Mike tells him to take it easy, but Eugene wants to know if they are asking her questions. Eugene brushes on past him and finds his ex-wife Sharon sitting on the couch, looking scared and very upset. She gives him a hug and he asks, "Where’s Kendall?" Sharon says he’s in the bedroom; Ellenor rushes off to see him. Sharon tells Eugene that she "just came out of the shower." They hug again and he says, "Okay, baby, okay." She clings to him as he tries to stand up. He tells her he’s just going to go check on Kendall. He bounds upstairs and goes to the door of Kendall’s room; when he sees Kendall he says, "Little man!" Kendall embraces his dad. Kendall says he’s okay, and asks if his mother is okay. Frank appears at the door and Eugene says, "Show me." Mike tries to tell Eugene he doesn’t need to see it, but Eugene insists. Mike leads him and Ellenor to Sharon’s bedroom, where there the bludgeoned corpse of a man lies on the bed; blood has soaked the pillow and splattered on the wall. Ellenor winces a bit; Eugene just stares with his mouth slightly open. Then we get the credits and commercials.

Back at the house, Eugene is telling Sharon and Kendall that he’s going to take care of everything, and that they’re going to stick together and get through it. Ellenor pulls him aside to tell him that the police want to take Kendall and Sharon to the station for questioning. Eugene’s surprised to learn they’re suspects, but Ellenor says that since the cops aren’t finding any signs of forced entry, and the murder weapon is a bat belonging to Kendall, it’s not looking good for the Youngs. Ellenor suggests that they prevent Sharon and Kendall from giving statements; Eugene’s feeling is that doing so will ensure they are viewed as suspects. He wants to let them be questioned and thinks that will clear them. Ellenor insists.

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