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Dangerous Liaizzzzzzzons

Rod's Place. Ah, he and Lindsay are in bed. They're talking shop while she applies some cream to her elbows. Lindsay thinks that accusing the secretary of the crime seems a little desperate. But the case is desperate, blah Katie didn't do so well on the stand, blah overcoat blah. Lindsay: "Well, did you ask her what she did with the overcoat?" No, he accepts the version she put forth on the stand. In private, did he ask her? No. He believes that she threw it out. This causes Lindsay to ask, "Are you involved with her, Bobby?" Rod answers by being stunned: "What?" Lindsay stutters, says it might just be her "hormones," but she thinks something is going on. Rod can't get past the fact that Lindsay believes something is going on. Then she apologizes, kisses him goodnight, and rolls over and goes to sleep. That's correct. She rolls over and goes to sleep. To sleep. After accusing her husband of cheating on her. She rolls. Over. And. Goes. To. Sleep. In any normal relationship, there would have been, at the very least, a heated argument, followed by one or the other partner sleeping on the couch. There would have been no rolling over. There would have been no going to sleep. There would have been accusations and screaming. Blah Bobby sits looking at his wife, blah he feels pangs of guilt for his feelings, blah musical overload blah.

Suffering County Courthouse. Bobby goes hard on the secretary. He can't believe that she didn't tell the police. Michelle doesn't think that her affair with her boss was relevant. "You were asked point-blank by Rebecca Washington whether Mr. Potter was having any other affairs and you answered no." Blah did you kill your boss blah. Kenny objects, but Rod keeps barreling toward his Plan B: "How tall are you?" Michelle answers, "This is ridiculous." Bobby asks again, "How tall are you?" Well, look here -- she too is five foot four. Then Bobby asks Michelle to step out of the witness box, because he wants to do a physical demonstration. Jimmy holds out a camel-coloured coat that Rod hands to Michelle, who is ordered by the judge to put it on. Then she puts on some sunglasses. Then they pull out a black wig, which she is also ordered to put on. Then Rod calls to Katie, who also puts on a similar coat and sunglasses. She stands beside Michelle. From behind, the two look really similar. Bobby: "From where I'm standing. I see reasonable doubt." Ha!

Client Room. Katie wants to know what happens now. Rod explains that the prosecution has to cross-examine her, and that they'll establish Michelle's alibi. Katie: "She has one?" Rod says that she was at a movie for most of the night. He turns to Jimmy and asks, "How did it play?" You can tell he's looking for a good response, only Jimmy says that it was a little desperate, and that it could blow up in his face. Bobby: "All I need is one juror." Jimmy cracks, "You and Perry Mason." Hee. Bobby glances at Katie, and then he and Jimmy "get into it." Blah crap in front of the client, blah he asked him in front of the client, blah problem blah big problem. Jimmy: "I think you have feelings for this woman and you're not seeing straight. That's my problem." There's a knock on the door. It's Mrs. Potter. She's paying them a visit. She lays it on a little thick, even for this show: "Is it just a game to you, Mr. Donnell. Somebody died. That was real." Nope, it's all fake. All of it. Fake. Really. Really. Fake. Bah. "It's not a game!" And then she rolls right on out again.

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