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Dangerous Liaizzzzzzzons

Sybil's Place. There's a knock on the door. Lucy asks if Sybil is ready. Enter evil rapist. In fact, enter evil rapist who doesn't a) admit to his crime or b) ask her for her forgiveness. Sybil doesn't like his answer. He is, however, sorry for what happened to her. Sybil: "Is that your answer of seeking forgiveness?" She steps forward. Apparently, her husband was a minister. "You don't think I know you're the man who raped me?" He apologizes. Then she says, "Did you ever think you were raping a minister's wife?" Okay. Sybil doesn't wait for his answer. No, she takes justice into her own hands. Talk about Perry freaking Mason. Out comes the pistol. Shaky hands point the gun -- in slow motion -- of course, toward the evil rapist, and then she shoots him. And then he falls. Well, more like he drops like a sack of potatoes. Detective Mike comes running into the room. Lucy screams. Sybil says, "I knew you would have liked to have had the confession first. But I just didn't see the need for it." Everyone is so stunned. Yawn.

Suffering County Courthouse. Bobby delivers his summation. Blah she didn't do it, blah he was depressed, blah he crippled his wife, blah she loved to walk, blah you can't eliminate the fact he killed himself. Then he regurgitates all of the so-called evidence and Plan Bs the secretary. Kenny counters all of Bobby's arguments, blah unequivocal, blah homicide, blah evidence blah. "Bernard Potter was murdered." Then Kenny rails on Bobby's courtroom antics. Frantic antics of Katie, blah evidence, elevator access, blah in and out, blah overcoat, blah Katie's guilty blah. Okay, the cards are certainly stacked against Team Katie. Kenny: "Come on. That's just a few too many coincidences. Don't you think?" The jury gurgles. They think so too.

Client Room. It's confession time here on The Practice. Bobby's afraid he may have blown it. His objectivity was ruined. By pointing his finger at the secretary, he worried the jury might think that he doesn't believe it was suicide. Katie grabs his hands, she trumps up his ego, and she doesn't question him. Jimmy walks in and sees the two of them holding hands. He announces that the jury is back.

Courtroom. Oh, they find her guilty, oh, they're holding hands, oh, she collapses, oh, they embrace, oh, they'll appeal, oh, they embrace again, oh, Lindsay watches the whole encounter, oh, they drag Katie away, oh, Rod looks mournfully after her, oh please, enough with the melodrama. Especially when Bobby turns around and sees Lindsay in the courtroom looking at him.

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