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Dangerous Liaizzzzzzzons

Dinner Time. Bobby and Lindsay have decided to leave Kid Rod at home and have a quiet night out -- just the two of them. Lindsay, again with the tears, asks, "Bobby. Are you in love with her?" She doesn't think he's been unfaithful, she trusts him completely; it's just that "sometimes people fall in love whether they want to or not." This is the most calm I've ever seen Lindsay in my entire life. Twang. Twang. The music bloats the scene like a body that's been left in the river for weeks on end. It smells that bad too. He's not in love with Katie, but "something about her made me feel protective about her." He's devastated by his loss. "I'm in love with you." Lindsay looks at Bobby. "And only you." Then she gets up to pay the bill. As the two of them leave the restaurant, Lindsay asks that Bobby not handle the appeal. He thinks that he must, but agrees that he won't. Even though he really wants to defend Katie. Blah they love each other blah, and then they go home.

But just when you think that's the end, DEK tags on something so ridiculous that you can barely believe it's happening. There's Mrs. Potter, fully mobile, using both of her legs, walking the streets of Boston, in full view and wearing the overcoat pictured in the security video. Oh, shocking. She's the one who orchestrated the entire ordeal. Damn her. Does that mean we'll be hearing from Katie Dafoe again?

Next week: Rebecca tries the case of her life. Let's all ruminate on that word "try" -- as in "trying" to my every last freaking nerve.

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