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Dangerous Liaizzzzzzzons

The Firm. Today is trial day. Everyone is wearing his or her fancy suits for trial. Lucy hangs up the phone. She's been talking to someone at the courthouse who told her that there's press out front. According to Lucy, "they" have agreed to let Bobby and Katie use the side entrance. Rod thinks that's best. Then he grabs Katie's arm in some strange act of affection. "Hey" -- he jiggles her a bit -- "be confident." Lindsay notices the arm grab and looks suspiciously at her husband and Katie. Blah. Lucy's beeper goes off. I guess DEK has been reading the recaps and listening to the forums where we complain about dropping plots, because Lucy's about to embark on a rape counselor adventure. Lucy complains, "Ah, great timing!" Ellenor asks what's wrong. Lucy replies, "Rape crisis." Then she tosses a bunch of keys to Eugene and tells him he's in charge, because up until then, Lucy had been in charge? Of what? Her desk? The phone?

Saint Anne's Hospital. Lucy bounds in and walks toward the front desk in the emergency ward. "Lucy Hatcher," she announces, "Rape Crisis." The nurse points to a room and says, "Over there." Lucy opens the door to the room and sees an elderly woman lying in a bed. The Coda Of Crisis decides it wants some action too. Lucy is stunned. She sort of pauses, and then walks toward the woman and says, "Ms. Walters. I'm Lucy Hatcher from Rape Crisis." The victim's face is bruised, and her injuries look very painful. Lucy grabs her hand. Which, according to Lucy's own admonition last season, is an inappropriate reaction. Ms. Walters looks tenderly at Lucy and thanks her for coming. Ah, she's two steps away from sainthood, that Lucy. Yawn. While still holding her hand, Lucy tells Ms. Walters that she's just going to explain some of the procedures.

Suffering County Courthouse. The witness on the stand is pointing at a large board with an image of a man's head. It has red lines indicating the trajectory of the fatal gunshot wound. According to the expert, the shot was heading down instead of heading up. This means that Katie's lover was killed. He didn't commit suicide; someone shot him at close range from behind. Bobby points out that, typically, close-range shots to the head are suicide. The doctor agrees. However, he wants to add something, but Bobby doesn't let him. Blah medical certainty, blah suicide, blah. Again, the doctor responds that he can't rule it out "to a medical certainty, no." Again, you can tell he wants to add something else, only Rod doesn't allow it. Bobby continues to hound the doctor about his original cause of death: probable suicide. Blah they later concluded blah incorrect. Rod: "Did you take into consideration other physical or circumstantial evidence?" The doctor admits that they looked at all of the evidence. Rod says, "Thank you, doctor."

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